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High standards, creativity, and exacting attention to detail are my signature values and deliverables.


I was born last (by over a decade) into a family of pioneering, anti-establishment “transformation artists.” As a minister, my father disrupted the status quo of his upstate New York congregation by marching in Mississippi in 1964 and using his pulpit to champion civil rights. In the ‘70’s, my mother was among the first to join the human potential movement, learning and passing on to me (and others) cutting-edge concepts that are part of our everyday ideas and lexicon today. At age 53, she opened her own psychotherapy practice and changed hundreds of lives. Naturally, my older siblings took roads less traveled and today transform lives everyday in vocations and avocations. The earliest harbingers I can remember of who I would become are removing the “E” from my name in fourth grade, and adoring the word “antiestablishmentarian” as a spelling word in fifth.


I believe we are all here to raise the consciousness on the planet and that business, and certainly entrepreneurs, are positioned as they never have been to accelerate that process. > I believe the most successful businesses of the future will be led by bold, Inspired Thought Leaders with potent messages of change. > I believe for us to succeed, professionally, personally, and as a race, we must stop blindly following others and instead, forge our own paths—no matter how unpopular we may be for it. > I believe building a business or initiative requires constant feedback and creative input from a professional and that self-study programs and web-classes cannot do the job.

My mission is to revolutionize the way we (all) succeed by eradicating mediocrity from the ends of the earth; by waking humanity from the poppyfield of blindly accepted truths--and by transforming entrepreneurs with similar missions into powerfully influential leaders.


I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising and Marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology, having had advertising executives from Madison Avenue as professors. I went on to work in two of the top creative agencies in Manhattan before joining Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous as the editor of their companion guidebook. In the following years, I wrote two novels and then a burning-bush experience altered the course of my life. Wanting only to “change the world,” in 2001, I became certified as a professional coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and began my entrepreneurial journey. In 2007, I launched my second business, Inspired Leaders’ Academy, dedicated to entrepreneurial leadership.

Since then, I have assisted countless entrepreneurs across the globe in influential communication and the development of original brands and dynamic curriculum design. I have spoken and trained for such organizations as Children’s Place; Roche Pharmaceutical; American Standard; Pace University; St. John’s University; the Entrepreneur Organization; Young Presidents Organization (YPO); several chapters of the International Coach Federation and NAWBO, to name a few.

I am currently installed as a mentor on the Leadership Development Council at Seton Hall University, and I also mentor TED fellows.


As a means of acquiring clients in my coaching years, I gave presentations. No doubt channeling the passion of my minster-father, I found it effortless to capture attention, influence and empower audiences—and soon began teaching a public speaking training and developing talks and events for clients. Though I do not position myself that way today, my “super-power” is certainly in creating dynamic, transformational group experiences online and off.

Additionally, consultants and other subject-matter experts commission me for:

  • My prowess with the English language, particularly with words that influence.
  • What they call my “keen” insight and intuition
  • My creative thinking
  • The penetrating, incisive questions I ask that deliver unexpected and unprecedented results
  • The full-spectrum of hands-on services I offer, specifically designed for entrepreneurial leaders.

Given the scope of what I offer, I often describe my role as “part inventor; part screen writer; part creative department of an ad agency.”


I know your business will succeed only when I am the “piano teacher who sits on the bench with you to correct you in-the-moment” and so offer personal 1-1 assistance. Also unlike nearly all competitors--who offer free-style “coaching”—I ensure you walk away with tangible projects completed. I bring to clients a blend of quicksilver, analytical facility and fluid, right-brain creativity and intuitive ability. I am a natural visionary, seeing future trends and conceiving innovative strategies. I am a storyteller and bring those creative and technical skills to both business development and marketing. I am a perfectionist and deliver rigorous, high standards.


After thirteen years in business and over thirty-five years as a student of human potential, chances are good that I have worked with those in your field, studied much of what you teach, have personally or professionally experienced your kind of work, and as a fellow explorer, understand the subtle nuances of your character. Because of this, I know intimately what you want to achieve; know the marketplace and the gaps within it; and am able to help you convey your message with precision. I am also, most likely, a kindred spirit with countless shared experiences.

I do this work --when I could do anything else—because being an Inspired Thought Leader is the role truly worthy of you; it is the role that will change you personally and professionally—and the role that will change the world. Because of this, there is no other work worthy of my time. I was born to work with you and change the world by ensuring that you change the world.


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