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Getting Clients With an Irresistible Signature Program That Sells AND Transforms

Hot, insider information on building a successful solo-service business with a life-changing, one-of-a-kind signature program. Coaches and other service entrepreneurs are great at what they do. The challenge is getting clients in the room. In 8 private consulting sessions, this issue is solved for a coaching partnership, M&M, who need to build their client base and decide to do it by giving seminars. You can “eavesdrop in” as we take off at break-neck speed, right from session one.


Together, M&M and I:

  • Determine the right and perfect target market that wants their services and will buy them;
  • Implement the “Trigger Event Process” that delves into the psychology of their prospects so we design a signature program perfectly matching their needs;
  • Create their no-one-else-has-it, killer “Brand Concept”—their unique “teaching idea” that achieves complete differentiation, so they don’t sound like every other coach in the world!
  • Outline a signature program that teaches this brand concept, which is compelling, memorable and ORIGINAL.
  • Weave transformation into the program so the audience has a paradigm shift, using my proprietary “Transformation Arc”;
  • Develop a full-out, step-by-step script of this seminar!
  • Review MANY of my brain-based public speaking secrets that no one gets unless they attend my live training;
  • Outline a step-by-step marketing strategy—what venues to use for maximum reach;
  • Outline and design “Brain-Sticky” promotional pieces—letters, postcards, etc.
  • Plan and design a compelling, irresistible “offer-from-stage” to be given at their signature program that uses insider tips on creative pricing strategies and other secrets of conversion;
  • Develop a countdown-to-seminar Action Plan!

In addition to the CD’s, you’ll also receive a mini-booklet to help you with your own signature program.

  • Ultra-Refining Target Market Exercise
  • Speaking-Venue Evaluation Exercise (determine where to speak)
  • The “Town Crier” Exercise (what will get them in the room)
  • “Plug-in Design Model”—outline your event in under 10 minutes
  • See M&M’s Plug In Design Model that *I* created for them!
  • Plan Your Offer-From-Stage Exercise

In this 8 CD set, I take M&M through the business model I use and teach solo service entrepreneurs every day—and now you can vicariously build your business from listening in to these sessions. TOTAL TIME: 6.9 hours P.S. The Speak Free and Profit E-Workbook is the perfect companion to this CD set! $67 with Free Shipping

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