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Speak Free and Profit: The Definitive Guide to Giving Free Seminars to Explode Your List and our Revenues!

  • How would you like to have interested and loyal leads who stay with you for years?
  • And who feel an urgency to buy from you?
  • How about referral partners who eagerly spread the word about you?
  • Does an efficient method for getting clients and customers sound inviting to you?
  • How about a marketing strategy that maximizes your marketing dollars?
  • Would standing apart from the crowd, the chaos and the clutter change your business?
  • If you’re just starting your business, would you like to save yourself years of mistakes?
  • And how about doing some good out there while you’re cashing in—would you like that?

Then use the strategy used by Fortune 500 companies and me: Give free seminars. I built my entire business this way, gathered leads who are still with me today, and I’ve profited every time I’ve used this strategy. And now I’m sharing the grittiest details with you in a workbook that guides you, step-by-step, through the process of giving your own free seminars to get leads and make money. There are 13 distinct steps you need to follow to launch successful free seminars—and you need to take them in this order, not missing even one. In this book, I am taking YEARS off your learning curve, and saving you from making MASSIVE mistakes. You’re going to:

  • Know and choose the right people for your room;
  • Create your unique progressive line-up of offerings—what you’ll offer clients far into the future (so you know what to offer them now);
  • Calculate the exact # of seminars you need to give AND the exact # of people you need in them AND how many to market to, to meet your income requirements;
  • Know and choose the best off-line and on-line vehicles for promoting your seminar;
  • Know and choose the best promotional pieces to use in those vehicles;
  • Design your free seminar in under 5 minutes!
  • Learn how to compellingly describe your seminar and the top 4 promotional pieces you will use
  • Design of the program/product you’ll sell at your seminar
  • Learn the Six Golden Rules of an Irresistible Offer from Stage
  • Learn How to Deal with Hotels
  • Possess a PRICELESS “Calendar” to Follow–everything you need to do from Day 120 to Day 1…PLUS a KILLER check-list of everything you need to have with you in the room!!
  • Learn in-the-room strategies for pulling off a profitable evening
  • Know precisely what to say the “morning after” to 1) those who bought; 2) those who might still buy today; 3) those who didn’t and won’t for a while.

Privately, I’ve helped financial advisors, life coaches, business coaches, chiropractors, nutritionists and other solopreneurs launch and expand their businesses with this method—but in this book, I’m giving even more than they’ve gotten! In fact, those who’ve worked with me privately definitely want to get their hands on all the bonus goodies in this book! $24.00 –ON SALE $15


P.S. The CD-Set, Getting Clients with an Irresistible Signature Program is a perfect companion to this e-workbook!

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