Part 4 Business is Different for You: Rattle the Cages!

May 12, 2016   By: Lizabeth Phelps  No comments yet

So, in just three days of this series on how business is different for you, you have: 1.) Recognized that you’re hiding out in mediocrity and that it’s beneath you to continue doing so; 2.) Taken yourself onto the dry, cracked soil of your business and life and, fist raised to the skies, generated your […]


Part 3 Business is Different For You: Don’t Do This!

May 11, 2016   By: Lizabeth Phelps  No comments yet

So, did you do it?  Did you go into the fields last night and have your Scarlett O’Hara moment? Did you feel that full-bodied determination to get out from the middle-of-the-curve, where everyone is okay with average? Did you feel the hope and belief in something so much bigger for your life and your business […]


Part 2: Business Is Different for You–The Reckoning

May 10, 2016   By: Lizabeth Phelps  No comments yet

Yesterday, I wrote about the destructive war within 90% of“transformation artists”—those whose work it is to empower people (vs. other entrepreneurs). The war is this: they have a powerful Impulse that woke them up to this work, an Impulse that consumes them, really, to have an effect on the world…but then an opposing force works […]


Part 1: Business Is Different for You–Come Out of Hiding!

May 09, 2016   By: Lizabeth Phelps  2 comments

I’m sharing this less-than-flattering picture because it captures a key moment in a presentation I gave recently when I lost my composure and got positively HOPPING MAD. I’ve never actually lost it on an audience before, but here I am, literally jumping up and down in beyond-disbelief-frustration, as I called them out on the very […]


Don’t Leave This Out of Your 2016 Business Plans!

December 14, 2015   By: Lizabeth Phelps  No comments yet

As a coach, consultant, trainer or speaker, are you considering something new to offer: a new presentation, new program or even entire new business brand as 2016 approaches? Nearly all businesses, large and small, leave out a crucial ingredient in planning their “Next Big Thing” and not only does it put their new idea at […]


Will I (And All Experts) Be Out of a Job in 10 Years?

December 11, 2015   By: Lizabeth Phelps  No comments yet

This summer, I went in search of my Next Big Thing. I’ve been feeling uninspired for a couple of years in my business and knew something needed to change. I began reading a lot of books by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and new ideas began to form. Astro Teller, who heads up GoogleX, an internal think […]


Thank you, Grandma. Celebrating Women’s Entrepreneur Week!

October 19, 2015   By: Lizabeth Phelps  No comments yet

Incredible as it may seem, one hundred years ago—1915—American women still did not have the right to vote on a national basis. This post’s image is a cartoon from Puck magazine in 1915: the torch of successful suffragists in the West awakens women in other parts of the country. In 1916, women’s suffrage was endorsed […]


To Sell Or Not to Sell? Questioning the Question

June 23, 2015   By: Lizabeth Phelps  8 comments

About two dozen years ago, an old high school friend tracked me down. I was really excited to speak with her; we’d been good pals years before but, as so often happens, college-and-beyond had put distance between us. I remember unleashing a flurry of questions in the first moments of our call–but rather than asking […]


Getting The BEST Answer In the Room

May 06, 2015   By: Lizabeth Phelps  No comments yet

Have you ever seen that improv game, Questions Only, where the actors can only ask questions, and the first one who answers (with a period at the end) is out? In my public speaking training, I would bring in an improv instructor to take my students through the same exercise. Overall, each participant made it […]


How to Be a Fool-Proof Leader On April Fool’s Day and Every Day!

April 01, 2015   By: Lizabeth Phelps  No comments yet

Today is April Fool’s Day–and in service of ensuring that YOU not be one yourself…here are some stories that will amaze you–and a vital quiz to take.  In 1941, Alice Stewart was a resident in Oxford, England at the Radcliffe Infirmary. She was a highly respected doctor. She treated patients, but also undertook research projects on problematic, puzzling disease […]

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