Are You Ready to Build a One-of-a-Kind,
No-One-Has-It-But-You Business?

Not every entrepreneur is because you have to do things differently to be different and that’s not everybody’s speed.

But if you’re ready to let your hair down, come out of the closet, put your boldest visions on the table, and dare to stand apart with a message no one else has—you probably want to download this free e-book.

I wrote it because I couldn’t take anymore the 4 massive problems facing the world of coaching, consultants, speakers and authors:

  1. 99% look and sound the same!!!!!
  2. 50% of those think they’re differentiating themselves with slogans and credentials and personality quirks and cool graphics—but they’re not. They’re flying blind and don’t understand why no one buys them.
  3. The other 50% know they’re not different and are either: a) Doing nothing about it and sinking deeper into the inferiority complex that comes when no one is interested in us; OR b) Clutching at the formulas bandied about by most branding consultants—and they don’t feel excited by the results. In fact, they feel less themselves than before.
  4. They’re losing money every single day because they’re FOLLOWING THE PACK.

To be successful in life and in business, you MUST leave the established norm behind and go your own way!!

That has been my life-long motto and it shows in everything I do, in life and business. I really do create businesses unlike all others and there’s a secret to how I do it that I’m sharing in this ebook.

Here’s my thesis: we need new criteria for what makes a business truly different. What’s being paraded out there as unique is not.

In order to stand out and lead the way, you must have a business of substance. No more shiny, plastic, superficial bling. Not if you are here to make a difference. You need to have a message that really changes people, and a way to package it that does the same—and makes you money.

In this book, you’re going to learn, step-by-step, how to chisel your “looks-like-everyone-
else” business identity into a true one-of-a-kind.

In the 3 Chapters, You Will Learn How to:

1. Chisel With the Foundational Essentials—there are 4. Getting each of these right is the essential start of your journey out oblivion. If you haven’t addressed these correctly, you don’t have a business, let alone one that stands apart.

2. Chisel With Strategy–there are 3 strategic areas every service-based business owner must delve into. I guarantee you’ve never gotten this strategic–and it’s critical that you do. Once you’ve tackled these, your unique identity really starts to take shape.

3. Chisel With Substance—I reveal the 2 ways I help my clients truly become unlike everyone else in the world. If you seriously want to change lives, this is the way to do it.

Skeptical that there’s really such thing as a one-of-a-kind business? A client sent me this the other day after we crafted her business message in a session (I get this all of the time):

client Holy Jumpin’ Jehosaphat! This is amazing. This is something I haven’t heard anybody say before, ever, in all of my years. I don’t see anything on the marketplace like this. This message is FRESH; it’s not the run of the mill stuff you see everywhere. And it’s so friggin’ empowering! Now, reading other people’s statements about their business, along with my own feeble attempts at trying to differentiate myself, everything seems so lame and small minded. You have really helped me bust through the ceiling! Thank you SO MUCH, Lizabeth, for bringing this message through me into the light! –Linda Mickle, MSN, NP

After reading this book, you will never, ever look at your business the same way again—and you will finally have the tools for sculpting the masterpiece that is your destiny–and unlike anything else out there!

Why am I giving very unique, proprietary information to you for just your name and email address?

I believe you will never find anyone better in all the world at creating your one-of-a-kind business and this ebook will give you a strong introduction to how I work. My hope is that after reading it, you will move heaven and earth to change your life and your business by hiring me.

It’s a no-brainer.
Your one-of-a-kind future is waiting…

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