Final Business Is Different for You: Time to Lead!


So, by now, you see that as a “transformation artist,” here to empower people, you are a different type of entrepreneur, and so you need to do business differently. You need to stand out differently, and yesterday, I showed you how: interrupt long-held patterns your audience is holding on to tightly. It grabs that brain’s attention and it can’t look away.

This is the domain of the thought leader. But, as I said, you can’t just rattle cages: you must inspire those within them to want to fly: that’s what the inspired leader does. Your destiny is to become an Inspired Thought Leader.

(To read from the start of this series–highly recommended–click here.)

Inspired Thought Leader Message Elements

There are elements of an Inspired Thought Leader message that are dramatically different from any message you’re delivering now. You still need the basics—a thorough understanding of the pain and desires of your narrow market, and a single identity (you don’t offer lots of things; you offer one)—but once they’re in place, you unleash these:

ITL PIllars Visioning

These are the elements I work deeply on with my clients in my 7-session program, The Powerhouse Method (TM).  Each one is a message in and of itself (and written as a single sentence)—but then we weave them together into a final argument, or Inspired Thought Leader message.  

Let me give some details on each.

Future Visioning. As a thought leader, you must be both a “futurist” and a “visionary.” As a futurist, you have your finger on the pulse of today’s culture and trends and you make predictions about what your market will want and be able to do over the next 5-10 years. As a visionary, you see a future for your market if they rise to their potential. It’s a future, a vision, they have not seen for themselves and want very much to aspire to.

When you frame a picture of the future and paint your market into it, GOOD AND BAD, you are leading. You are saying both “these are the imminent dangers” and “this is the Promised land.” You see where the train is going and position your tribe to get on early.

Myth-Breaking. The very POINT of being a Thought Leader is to wake people out of denial. Your market is deeply asleep in some area; profoundly conditioned. It’s your job to deploy an arrow that shatters their cozy world-view. They are sleepwalking along, thinking they are doing the right things and thinking the right things…and you come along to say, “You’ve got it all wrong.” You break limiting and outdated myths.

With all of my clients, I seek to find something that will shatter status-quo ideas—and that requires a lot of inquiry. Most people dance on the surface of their thinking, keeping the edgiest ideas out of sight and out of reach. Again, my clients and I develop this together as a single sentence to ensure cogent thinking and clear and succinct articulation. 

Core Beliefs: There exists in you a belief about how to live life and how not to live life. It comes from deep within—so deep, you may not know what it is consciously. What’s different about this belief that I have clients craft is that it is a message for all of humanity. It is their belief about humanity’s greatest problem and the solution. When you have a solution that would solve the world’s greatest problem, you truly step into the power of a leader—and particularly, an inspired leader with the great ability to influence.

Things are different for you, so it is CRITICAL that you have this message when building a business, so it’s woven into everything you create, and that you have it in your marketing. In my 7-session program, I use it to brand my clients, as I’ve branded myself from mine. “Leaving the pack” is the essence of my core belief, and it is the pulse beat of absolutely everything I offer in business: I leave the pack as a leader, my programs leave the pack, and I make sure my clients leave the pack with one-of-a-kind brands and programs. That’s my brand and it came straight from this core belief, single-sentence message.

New-Paradigm Solution: An Inspired Thought Leader is nothing if she doesn’t have a solution that breaks with the old way of doing things and thinking. This is a solution that has not been offered anywhere before—in part because it involves a proprietary process that only you have, but also because it is drawing on future trends that others have not considered and therefore takes people into new territory.

Tribe Building: With this message, you build a potent, irresistible bond with your tribe—in your marketing–by causing them to feel special, outside of the “norm,” unique. You create an “us” and “them” construct that (unlike some leaders we know) does not emphasize the weakness of “them” but does emphasize the specialness of “us.” I have done that in this series by telling you that you are “transformation artists”—a different breed from all other entrepreneurs. I don’t say anything is wrong with “them,” but I make it clear you are different from them.

In building this bond, you also assign your tribe a mission— something enormous to aspire to. It should be a big and vivid. Imagine being on the team in the 1960’s whose mission it was to put a man on the moon. Or to be at Elon Musk’s SpaceX, whose mission it is to colonize Mars. Make your mission as vivid as these.

Again, this is where the Inspired Leader comes charging in, full-on, and influences her tribe by stitching them tightly together with special, common traits and an aspirational mission.

All of these pillars must be woven into a coherent message: a well-crafted ARGUMENT. Think of your business messaging and brand as one giant, dynamic, alive, world-changing THESIS paper. LOL. You must be able to influence and persuade your market with a well-proven point.

In Summary

So, this is how you market. THIS is how you present. And this is what you SELL! Not your time, not your services, but a VISION of what your tribe can be–a new-paradigm proprietary methodology that sets you apart from everyone else and takes them where they never thought they could go.

THESE are the elements that leave a lasting impression and change lives. And changed lives ACT. And taking action is the only result you are looking for as both a world-changer and a business owner. When you break their patterns and inspire them to go where they haven’t imagined going…they will act.

Business is different for you! LEAD!

But, of course, WILL you? As I’ve been saying, almost no one is delivering this kind of leadership message. Afraid of being rejected or criticized or otherwise uncomfortable, most people born to lead, don’t.

They haven’t shattered their own paradigms yet, and so stay cozy in the middle of the curve where the crowd insulates them. Who can condemn “satisfactory,” and “good enough,” after all, when that’s what everyone around them delivers?

Yet, in doing this, you are slipping deeper and deeper into the crowd. Where no one can find you.

And where we can’t hear the IMPULSE within you any more that woke us up to this work. It’s just a faint, far-off pulse-beat.

ICFCTSimpleSmileShotCROPPEDI want to ask you:

Is it okay with you to be where “good enough is good enough”?

Is it okay with you to settle into the middle-of-the-curve and follow–when you have been called to lead?

Give me better than that audience did back in part 1!!!! Let me here a resounding, “Hell, no!”

Whoa!! Not bad!! !

Now, go out, get your Inspired Thought Leader brand and message and deliver it in your marketing. And if you want my help, click here.

Experts: How to Make Your Dent in the Universe

In a now-famous pitch to someone he wanted to bring on board Apple in the early days, Steve Jobs said, “We are inventing the future….Come down here and make a dent in the universe.”

A fairly gargantuan vision, but because he held it tenaciously and with his characteristic bravado, he did it.

Imagine holding yourself to the same standard. How would you make a dent in the Universe? What would it take?

When we look through history, it seems that these kinds of leaps happen only once or twice a century. But our history was set in categorically slower times. We are now spinning through space at accelerated speed and universe-denting originality is happening more and more frequently. Who were we before the internet just twenty years ago? Before Google just 10 years ago? Before Facebook just 7 years ago? We have all  been changed forever by these dents–in a very short period of time.

Is it possible that, because our globe is spinning through a time warp, such originality can happen every month?

How about for every person? Can we all make dents?

A Different Kind of Reality Check

Do you even want to, or are you content to change the world one person at a time? That’s cool. To each his own. However, Jobs would have snapped something nasty at you and sent you on your way for aiming too low; he only worked with those who wanted to bend time.  But I’m not the nasty sort—so I will just suggest that perhaps you’re selling yourself short, falling asleep at the wheel your Soul gave you once upon a time.

If you are in the business of imparting knowledge, shifting thinking, altering behavior, healing bodies—and you do not use the powers vested in you to the extent of their potential, you’re seriously messed up. (Sorry, was channeling Jobs there for a minute.) But it is definitely time for a reality-distortion check.

Steve (I’ll be writing more about this another day) was known to live inside what his employees dubbed a “reality distortion field,” where no laws of physics, or any other laws for that matter, applied. He believed everything was possible without exception, things that did not exist in the known universe yet, and ignored all signs of impossibility.

Personally, I attribute the dent he made to this one character trait. So, it stands to reason that you want to adapt it, too, in order to spin your wheel as it was designed to be spun.

Deciding (for that’s all Jobs did) that everything is possible, and knowing that your wisdom and knowledge is there to make a dent in the universe and not the cushions of your desk chair—or why else even be here–the question is, how to do it?

The Strategy for Making This Kind of Impact

So, you don’t sell a tangible product like Apple; you sell intangible ideas. Therefore, your one-of-a-kind art is not (primarily) found in design and usability as Jobs was so fastidious about perfecting. Your art is in what you say. And it must cut a path. It must be different. This world is saturated with content; saturated with coaches, consultants, healers and therapists. You will only survive if what you say rises above them all. 

And the design you must shape with meticulous care is a story. Stories captivate the imagination the way perfectly sculpted designs captivate the visual sense. But in your case, we’re not talking about your story, or the story of your company/business, or the story of your clientele—the kinds of stories you’re being told to develop.

As an expert, you must offer a Teaching Story. An artfully formed narrative that teaches what no one else is teaching. This is the ultimate in education-based marketing.

To do this, you must first know your market—really, really well.  When Jobs’ mentor, Mike Markkula, aligned with the original motley crew, he wrote a one-page paper entitled, “The Apple Marketing Philosophy,” that emphasized just three points that went on to define the company forever. The first was empathy—“an intimate connection with the feelings of the customer.” He wrote, “We will understand their needs better than any other company.”

What followed? A dent in the universe. Your teaching story will reflect your understanding of your market better than any one else. Even better than they understand themselves. (Channeling Steve again.)

And your teaching story will go one better. It will wrap your market into an emotionally tight tribal community, where powerful unity and affinity exists among like-minds.

Then, the drama of the story begins. It quietly discusses what they always believed to be true; what they have always accepted as true–in society, their industry, culture, or thinking. And just as they’re relaxing into the reminder of this natural order of things, your teaching story slams into suspense, surprising them with the fact that this truth is out-dated, decrepit, and ineffectual. It suspends them there, as any good chase scene does, detailing the problems with the prevailing paradigm, sinking them deeper and deeper into the dire outcome of staying in the reality they’ve adapted for so long.

Then, in gallops the knight in shining armor to save them: your vision of a “new paradigm,” with a brand new landscape, a brand new solution. (This is your one-of-a-kind brand identity.) And it includes a vision for them as a tribe—the legacy they, as like-minded peers, are here to unfold together.

This is when you peel away from the pack of ordinary experts; away from your “good enough” mentality and acceptable bank account—and become a bona fide Inspired Thought Leader, with content worthy of a TED talk; worthy of cutting a path in the publishing field…worthy of making a dent in the universe.

Why? Because in your Teaching Story, you are “inventing the future”!

Does that seem impossible?

Then press the button on your reality distortion field and step in–quickly!

Everything is possible.

And why else even be here if you–with something to teach–aren’t going to dent the universe?

All of this is especially possible if you reach out to me. This is what I do. I develop Inspired Thought Leaders who have one-of-a-kind Teaching Stories that cut a path through the nonsense and noise. Bold, creative, thought-provoking, paradigm-breaking stories so their market respects them, loves them and buys them.

It’s Time to Grab That Wheel, Look Out On the Future and Know You Can Invent It!

Read how I do this with experts by clicking here, and then reach out to me at the bottom of that page. We’ll get on a call and start inventing the future!


Freedom to Lead Series 4: Freedom from Identity Confusion

This 10-day video series honors our Independence Day here in the States–July 4; honors the determination our forefathers had to be free by looking at the freedoms entrepreneurial thought leaders must claim in order to be successful in business and in changing the world. 

In this fourth video, we look at the limitation of putting too much out in the marketplace and the freedom of having a *single* business identity!

[youtube width=”640″ height=”480″][/youtube]

Determining Your Target Market: 6 Ways You’ve Probably Not Considered–Part 4

In this 6-part series, I’m offering tools to help you determine the market that is best for who you are, what you do, and that will actually buy you. I can’t possibly underestimate the importance of a niche-market or underestimate the difficulty in getting this right for most coaches, consultants, practitioners and speakers. This is Part 4 in the series. Be sure to read the previous posts for all of the tools, then blend them together for your Perfect Buyer mix.

#4. With Whom Do You Have the Most Credibility?

You must go where you are seen as valid and valuable. Many clients come to me and don’t consider this at all, let alone thoughtfully. Here are some questions to help you:

    1. Where do you have solid contacts? Do you have them from your previous career? From your PTA days? From your church? This is one of the very first questions I ask, in large part because you do not want to make business any harder than it needs to be! Go where you have contacts, but also, go there because where others know you, you have credibility.
    2. What have you experienced and conquered? Yesterday, my advice was, “be your market.” If you have gone through something that your market has gone through, as well, you have instant credibility. Downsizing; divorce; teen motherhood, etc. In determining your market, look for the experiences you’ve had because your success journey will be wanted by the market going through the same thing–and they will buy you because you are credible.
    3. Who would resonate most with your beliefs? Like-minds find each other credible. If you say something that causes others to fervently nod their head in agreement, you have credibility with them–even if you lack experience in what you do. Even if it is a market in which you have interest, but no contacts. If you believe in something they do, you are one of the tribe. I always delve deeply into my clients’ beliefs, and eventually have them include them in their marketing because inspirational marketing works for this very reason–you are powerfully credible with those who share your philosophies.

By now, you must be getting ideas. Who is a strong contender for your target market?

Your Target Market is the Problem With Your Business

I’ve never met a service entrepreneur who didn’t squirm when confronted by a marketing truism: you must target your market. You cannot serve “everyone.” I cannot tell you the stunts students and clients have pulled, trying desperately to defend their position not to choose a narrow-population market. They fear they’ll be confined, bored, and will lose money. If you relate to that and haven’t chosen a targeted group of people to market to, that is your problem.

You are shooting yourself in the foot and setting yourself up for a business of fits and starts; erratic client income…and invisibility. Furthermore, you won’t be recognized as an expert if you’re talking to “everyone.” Experts are experts because they help a particular group.

So, here are 6 reasons you MUST narrow your market to a slim population and why you’ll FAIL if you don’t:

  1. Your target market IS your business when you’re a service entrepreneur. Every program you offer and information product you develop must be directed and composed specifically for them. If you are targeting “everyone” or straddling a few markets, your program offerings can’t solve the very unique and specific needs and desires of that market and will fly under their radar; they’ll never even “see” what you have to offer because it’s too general.
  1. It’s the fastest (and, most likely only,) way to become an expert. When you have a solution for, say, teen-age girls at risk, you will be noticed and sought out because it is assumed that you have very specialized knowledge and experience with that group. When you stay broad, you will never, ever become an expert.
  1. It clarifies your thinking. Your brain cannot picture “everyone” and so your thinking stays unfocused and broad. When you can see a specific population in your mind’s eye, you are able to form the specific wording that gets noticed by your prospects’ brains—which are always looking for one thing: how does this apply to me, specifically? I always say, “You write only as well as you think.” That goes with anything you’re producing, really. It all starts with a clear image. If you cannot SEE the careers and lifestyles of your market, your thinking is fuzzy and so will be your business identity.
  1. Your promotions get heard and noticed. When you speak to the laser-focused specific needs of your market, you leave them feeling something that is priceless for a business: heard and understood. If you convey your value in vague and general language, it won’t hit your prospect’s heart. EVERYONE wants to feel that they are fully and completely understood. When you have a sliver-population-target-market, you will tailor your message to them; they will feel embraced and understood and valued by you—and compelled to work with you. It is the most powerful, psychological gift you give to people who haven’t worked with you: I know you. I get you. And I can help YOU, specifically.

When a business speaks to everyone, it gets heard by no one.

  1. Your excitement will increase. When your communication about your value is specific to a specific group’s needs, you get excited because suddenly you really know who you’re helping!  You are here to alleviate pain, solve problems—when you are doing that for a narrow population who needs you, the very best of you will spring forth and you will love sharing what you do! Trust me on this. If you are feeling flat about your business–it’s probably because you don’t really know who needs you most. If you’re uninspired, your business will fall away.
  1. Your marketing efforts explode in effectiveness because you know precisely where to put them. You find where your target population congregates, and your articles, website links, advertising, newsletters, etc. go directly to them. The time and effort you put into marketing drops dramatically—something every business owner must appreciate!

I’ve got a 24-page workbook for you that will help you determine your narrow market FAST–AND it also gets really deep into their heads. Part 2 takes you into the “inner psyche” of your market’s minds. You will know exactly what they need so you can build the most marketable programs and write the most compelling copy. And there’s a 2-hour workshop that goes along with it next Thursday, April 19th, when I will coach you to have your perfect buyer AND teach you how to use their psyche to sell. Jump on this asap!!!

How Seductive is Mediocrity in Your Business?

Mediocrity is a form of madness, a dream embraced by the
masses because it makes just getting by an acceptable —
sometimes applauded — social art form.” ~Guy Finley

So, I love this quote. Love, love, love it.  This is what we are
escaping, when we’re escaping the wannabees: mediocrity.
The madness of accepting “just getting by” because so many
around us do. We’re all guilty of it, to greater and lesser degrees.
I think we shake ourselves out of banality only when 1) doing
so is somewhat easy for us; it’s an area we don’t resist too
strongly (like giving up chocolate for Lent), or 2) when it has
finally pushed us to a pain we can’t bear any longer. However,
that leaves us wallowing in (and comfortable in) mediocrity
if we’re somewhere in-between: not willing to leap into foreign
territory (giving up sex for Lent), but not yet burning in the fire
of our desperation. For most of us, this is in-between is our every

And the consequence? Here’s another quote I love, shared by
David Hepburn, Jr. today on Facebook, “The place you want is
currently occupied by what you have settled for.” Virtually every
day, we’re giving up what we want, to allow what we’ve settled
for. That is insanity!

In business, this means that we’re willing to “leave the hive,”
Escape the Wannabees, only when doing so isn’t too risky—the

price of outsourcing is reasonable—or when we’re on the cusp
of bankruptcy. If something costs a bit too much for our comfort,
or failures aren’t too painful, we deepen the grooves of the hole
we’ve burrowed in and slip deeper into “mediocrity madness.”

I regularly plant explosives beneath the burrow of my clients,
catapulting them into new realms that terrify them. And I take
great pleasure in doing so! Some blame me, at the start, for
the immediate dishevelment of their burrow; it truly is a work
of art for them, no matter how undistinguished. Others applaud
the freedom! I’ve noticed, over the years, that the former type
slink back to their old ways when we’re done; the latter keeps
climbing to higher ground.

I am currently teaching a new course, Creating a Transform-
ational Signature Program
, and on the call yesterday, one of

the participants said, “Wow, I just don’t think this way,” when
I was teaching them my proprietary “Transformational Arc”—
how to provide a paradigm shift for every audience they engage
with. It was totally new territory for her—and for all of them;
this is revolutionary stuff—but for her, “leaving the hive” this
way, where she has to get her audiences to feel, in order to
transform, thus breaking her away from the majority of
speakers and teachers who don’t know how to do this (and
are afraid to)—this was momentarily unsettling for her.

I also have them going out on a limb in this class, excavating
and crafting their “Meta Message”an inspirational message
with a universal truth
, that will inform the content of their

signature program; will be woven into the personal story they
tell when they deliver their program or a keynote speech; and
that they will infuse into their marketing. This is exhilarating
for all of my clients—they see that they are creating their
business to align with their deepest inspirational belief—and
they’re going to attract like-minded clients with this extremely
powerful message. But it’s not being done out there, so they
have to move out of their comfort zones to dare to lead with
this bold kind of message, vs. the typical marketing messages.
They have to leave what they’ve settled for in order to lead
with this message of change.

I’m inviting them to step into their role as an “inspired leader,
and there is nothing mediocre about going there, so–just as with
all of us who have pushed off what we’re called to do and want
to do because “settling” is so much easier—my clients hover

around the hive for a while before finally escaping it. But then,
they transform and end the madness. At least in that area.

I suppose as long as we live, there will be some “acceptance of
mediocrity” to uncover within ourselves…yes? Or no! What do you think?

Can Anyone Else Figure Out Your Message? And Do They Buy It?

48 hours ago, a group of very special people were taking part in the
2nd day of my public speaking training, Secrets of Impact & Influence.
I can’t tell you what they were doing–because that’s one of the secrets–
but they were under some pressure to put into practice everything I
had taught them the day before. I just love doling out pressure to my

Anyway, at a point later in the day, I was helping them look at the big
picture of where their presentation fits into their business–because
they were all visionary entrepreneurs with big messages that they want
to deliver. Here they were, learning how to be better than trained teachers
and absolutely better than 99% of presenters out in the word–but then

Since you have a message, too–and since the time has come for you
to come out of hiding and deliver it–I think it would benefit you, too,
to realize the necessary components of getting out there and successfully
spreading your word while also successfully building a business!

So, you have an idea of what your life-changing message is, and you have
years and years of experience, knowledge, wisdom and insight to share
that will change the world. What I have come to learn myself is that those
with big messages often get buried under the largeness of everything
they know–and have a very  hard time speaking about their messages clearly.

For instance, I can’t tell you how many people say to me, “Lizabeth, I have
so much content. How do I know what to put into a presentation?” They’re
buried…and that’s just pertaining to a single program. What about their
business at large
and trying to describe that in a succinct manner? It’s
just like their content: it’s too big, too unwieldy.

So, how do we speak when something is too big, very UNformed, and
consequently, very unclear? We ramble, go off-point, say things that
have no relevancy to our prospect–and we lose them.

The NUMBER ONE element missing from business clarity AND clarity
around what to put into a presentation is strategic thinking. I’m not
sure why, but most visionary entrepreneurs, with big messages and lots
to give to others, are putting out fires daily and NOT thinking out every
step in their business. They’re trying to make money today, right
now–and not planning how that quick-fix will fit into the long-term, or
even if it does fit in. Very often the class they create on a whim, or the
coaching offer they make just to make money for the month, has no
bearing on the big picture, and they are like hamsters on a wheel, having
to create something new to offer every month. It’s exhausting because
nothing they’re doing has roots. There is no strategy. 

Sounds familiar, huh? So, what can you do? You have to take a time-out;
incubate yourself for a critical period of time and take stock in where
you’re going and how you will make money. Not just for today, but for
always. What is the business model you should be developing that will
work for a good solid few years? That is determined by knowing how you
plan to disseminate your message, ultimately. Do you want to be a coach
only? Do you want to have a radio how with sponsors? Do you want to be
a keynote speaker? Or a trainer, like I am?  You must know who you want
to be at the “pinnacle of your success”–and then build your business model
from that knowledge…and yes, that often means revamping the business
you have had for years!

In this incubation period, you must also check to see just how market-
you really are. Do people want your message, really?? Or has that
been done to death? And if someone does want your message–who
wants it–and do you know why they want it so much? Do you know
what wakes them up in the middle of the night and what they fantasize
about? You must–IF you want to successfully deliver your message
to them.

Also, in your time of incubation, you need to know precisely how
you’re different from everyone else out there. How do you set your-
self apart  in dynamic ways that stand out? Here’s one idea, something
a little radical: stand out by standing on top of a proverbial mountain
top and shouting your “prescription for change in the world.” What is
your belief of what will change the world? (Not your business solution,
but a solution that transcends that; that is a universal truth.) And
here’s the radical part: say that in your marketing. Shout your beliefs
in your marketing. This will set you apart from all others without

Next, in your incubation period, you must come to understand what
your business thesis is. You know what a thesis statement is, right?
Well, you need one–a clear, concise one–for your business. What is
your contention, as the expert of your service? You have one, but I
guarantee you are not building your entire business around a strong,
well-articulated business thesis. Very few businesses do
this–and it is even rarer for the “inspired leader”-type to think this way.

So now, you have a business vision…you know you’re marketable
and why…and to whom, specifically…and what will have you stand
out from everyone else who does what you do…and you have that
“from-the-mountaintop” message…and the thesis statement that
your whole business stands on. Whew! You’ve put yourself into a
strategic pressure cooker!

NOW–and only now– you know HOW you should deliver
your message!
With all of that work, you know what your programs
and presentations should be. No more confusion about having too
much content. Suddenly, your business isn’t unwieldy, and you can
speak about it with crystal clarity and conciseness so people are
interested in hearing your message.

Personally, I believe that all of that strategy needs to be refined so
crisply and tightly that you could express any element of your
business in a single sentence, if asked. So, if someone says, “What
do you do?” You can answer–in a single, potent sentence. If someone
says, “I know someone who does that.” You can swoop in with a
killer sentence that shows them that, no, NO ONE ELSE does what
you do. Here’s how you’re different. And if someone wants to know
the tangible results they’ll get from working with you–you can
rattle them off, like bullet points, in a single sentence.

What you can describe in a single sentence, you fully understand.
What you canNOT, you do not.

I believe there are 12 questions that are always lurking in the minds
of your prospects. If you can craft compelling and pithy answers
to each of them–and speak those–you have the ability to convert.
Period. If you cannot, your conversion rates will be very poor. You
need to have your business identity so refined that you could balance
your business on the head of a pin. It is that clear. Is yours?

My mission is to ensure that visionary entrepreneurs succeed! That
they’re messages are truly received AND that they make money and
have a solid business model that works. I am devoting myself to those
who are changing the world with their messages because failure
is not an option!
They are needed too badly.

To that end, I offer a high-octane online program called “12 Sentences
and it starts next week. It is THE “incubation course” of all time and if
you are ready to birth a business that is powerfully set up to truly deliver
the messages and content you have–I invite you to attend one of the
3 free calls I’m giving this week, where you can find out what the course

Just click right here to sign up for the calls Tuesday, Wed and Thursday
this week.

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