10 Years in Business–Tip #17: Your Business Must Be “Urgently Wanted”

In my special report, What I Know For Sure: Lessons Learned in 10 Years of Business, I list 75 topic areas that I have bumped into over ten years. And every day in October, I will randomly choose one of the 75 and expound on it. So here’s today’s:

TIP # 17: What you offer MUST be “urgently” wanted. Period. Unless you don’t require much income. A product or program is urgently wanted only by those with an urgent want to alleviate a problem, or experience a fantasy.

This is the look you want on your customers’ faces. Sheer exaltation when they have what you offer in their hands. You don’t have to be Apple, or offer something as world-altering as an iPhone, but you do want to elicit this look.

So, what do you feel that way over? Anything that is going to 1) bring you unadulterated joy and/or 2) dramatically uplevel the quality of your life and/or 3) enhance your status.

What has to be there in the product/program for you to feel so elated? 1) Certainty in its quality; 2) Clarity that you’re getting more value than you’re paying; 3) A true love for it (i.e. some warm and fuzzy emotional connection).

When this is there, they urgently want what you’ve got.  This is true whether it’s a product or a program, of course.

Too many intellectual products and programs (books, CD’s, seminars, presentations, opt-in gifts, etc.) are not urgently wanted. They’re not “Brain-Sticky”–compelling, original and memorable–but the authors think they are and are confounded as to why they have few clients.

Following the logic above, then, it is essential that you design all of your intellectual property around the needs and fantasies of your market. Make sure that they:

  1. Will bring them great joy
  2. Improve the quality of their life
  3. Enhance their status
  4. Have obvious quality–in other words, tangible, concrete, WANTED results
  5. Give FAR more than the ticket-price would ever reveal
  6. Enable your market to feel confident, capable, smarter, prettier, sexier–whatever they want SO much that it evokes powerful emotions in them.

Maybe you could go back to your past clients and ask them to tell you how your programs do these for them, or HOW they could in the future!

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A Rant About Today’s Experts

I just returned from a meeting with the principal of my
daughter’s high school. Great guy. Just love him because
he is student-centered, not teacher-centered. At one point,
we got to talking about the poor teaching that occurs across
the board in our district (despite its being one of the most
affluent in the state) and he asked me for any insights I had.

He didn’t know that I teach adults how to use brain-based
learning in their presentations and seminars, so he was
surprised, to say the least, when I rattled off many things
these teachers are not doing that they should. Things that
are brain-antagonistic. These are trained teachers who do
not know how to maximize learning. These are professionals
who are paid, yet do not know how to maximize learning.

And I have a problem with that. I have an extreme problem
with state-trained teachers of our children not knowing how
to teach. But I have just as big a beef about ANY professional
getting paid to ”transfer knowledge” without knowing how
to teach
. How to get clients/students to learn. At least
trained teachers go through a system that supposedly prepares
them to educate our kids. They at least get some guidance
on effective teaching practices. But what business professional
does? Virtually none.

Meanwhile, they proclaim they can teach you how to write
a book in thirty days; how to save on your taxes; how to get
media publicity; how to optimize your website; how to make
love with your husband; how to talk to your teen; how to
meditate; how to lose weight; how to write a proposal; how to
use XYZ software; how to market your business, etc. etc.

My ire really gets up here and I say, how dare you! You have
never learned how to teach, how can you POSSIBLY think
you can?? Do you know how intuitive teaching is? How much
of an art it is? How you must score extremely high on empathy
tests to teach well? It does not come naturally to most of the
population. Just because you know how to do something does
NOT MEAN YOU CAN TEACH IT. And shame on you for
taking money from vulnerable, unsuspecting customers when
you have not learned (and then practiced!) how to maximize

For this very reason, it is appalling that that the information
industry is a trillion-dollar industry. There is no excuse for
trained teachers, who get paid, not to know how to tap the
brains of our students. Equally so, if you are getting paid to
teach anything–via the internet (especially), or in books or
information products (especially!), or in live seminars—
then learn how to teach first!

And student beware! If you are about to learn from a million-
aire, STOP! Ask them what they know about learning. I
took a course from a billionaire that was so bad, I could
barely contain myself. She made a lot of money off of that
training—but it was a deplorable effort and she did not
deliver results. But she led everyone to believe that she could
teach them “how,” just because she had been successful.

After witnessing too many of these accounts, as well as the
insane proliferation of on-line study programs, I am going
back to the basics and again centering all of my programs
around teaching best-teaching skills–which translate to
best leadership skills. If you’re leading, you MUST know how
to effectively convey your message. If you are on this planet
to make real change for the planet, you must transfer your
knowledge effectively. And it just won’t happen if you don’t
know how to teach! Specifically, to the brain.

So, if that describes you—a conveyor of information, a leader of
change, then stay close. You don’t want to miss out on the
direction I’m going and the brand new programs I’m offering.

Survey Says! We’re Sick of the “Internet Information Marketing” Scene!

So, if you read my post from last Monday, it will put the results below in context. Suffice it to say that I got a “knock on the head” about the phoniness of the internet information marketing gurus and asked my list to chime in with their opinions. It is a small sample–with a BIG message!

#1 How “fed up” with the Internet Information Gurus are you? (OPTIONS)

1. I used to admire them, but have stopped because they feel superficial to me. –60%

2. I’ve never followed them because they have always seemed “slick” to me.-–25%

3. I have no problem with them–and very much aspire to their levels of success and how they got there! –0%

(Interesting…NOT one said they had “no problem” with them!)

Comments from This Section

Our marketing internet industry has become a place of greed and flat out lies.

The conclusion you have drawn is the one I’ve been drawing for a while. At first it was so new to me that I really tried to learn as much as I could, then I noticed how the formula played out in all the various ‘guru’s’ out there. I don’t even read their stuff anymore! AND as one of them said…this is tested, it works. And there is a sucker born every minute. I want to offer something important that isn’t a hype or a come on.

Most of them are “slick” to me as well. I try to undig the information and resist the ‘continous education is an investmet, train with me’

I observe more as a way of knowing what “not to do.” Kinda like a bad boss.

I take only LIVE coaching when I FEEL it is exactly what I NEED at this very moment

They are all the same and i too am sick of the unending litany of emails that i get from some of them. They all seem to think that more emails are better – NOT TRUE!

There are gold nuggets in each offering but some folks are just too pushy and their programs are too expensive. Even the person I have known a long time has gone to the darker side of $$$$$.

I haven’t stopped following all of them because I can still learn while ignoring the hype and hypno-sales techniques

I know that the ‘free’ seminars will almost always include a 10-20 minute pitch. I tend to tune them out or leave the call. As for the ‘how you can leverage yourself into a six-figure income’ types, enough already! If all it requires is a formula than we would all be rich. Obviously there is more to building a business than that — our own emotional disposition being one of the biggest factors.

#2: Do you think the lack of trust in Internet Information Gurus is growing?

65% –yes

35%–haven’t asked, so can’t say


Comments from This Section:

Seems many are modeling the identical model.. very boring

So much car salesman tactics that are not attractive or part of conscious business practices. Underneath the testimonial is the mantle of $$$ for the guru Manipulation is the name of the game.

#3 : Here is a list of typical marketing strategies used in information marketing. Please RANK them by number, from those that “turn you off” the most to least.

1. interviews with guest gurus

2. email marketing FOR their guru friends

3. email marketing of their own newsletters

4. email marketing of their own *promotion*

5. live events with many speakers selling

6. free teleseminars

7. free live seminars

8. free video trainings

9. social media

Worst Offenders:

  1. Live events with many speakers selling
  2. Email marketing FOR their guru friends
  3. Email marketing of their own *promotion*
  4. Social media


4, 2, 9, 3, 5, 1, 6, 7, 8

5, 8, 4, 2, 7, 6, 9, 1, 3

9. 4. 3. 5. 6. 2. 7. 1. 8.

2, 1 ,4 ,3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

5, 9

5, 2, 4, 3, 1, 6 5, 7 , 8, 9

5, 7, 8, 1, 2, 4, 6, 9, 3

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 8, 7, 6

5  2, 7, 1, 3, 4, 6, 9, 8

2, 5–the rest are necessary

4, 3, 2, 5, 8,7

2, 5, 9, 1, 3, 7, 6, 8, 4,

9, 8, 2, 5, 4, 3, 6, 1, 7

2, 3, 5

5, 4, 2, 3, 1, …

Comment from This Section:

None of these things bother me, per se; it’s HOW they are used. An interview with a guest guru would be fine if it were not a hype fest/ ego booster. Same for email marketing of promotions. If they are relevant and not full of bull, that’s fine. The problem is they are so full of shit. I’m currently a part of a group venture and the hype is embarrassing me. Another lesson learned.

#4 And here is a list of typical *business* strategies used in information marketing. Please RANK them by number, from those that “turn you off” the most to least.

1. Big-ticket year-long “mastermind” programs, from $20-$100K
2. Monthly memberships ($19-$250) with online membership site + 1 CD + newsletter +  one group call with Guru
3. Seminars with multiple speakers, all selling packages.
4. VIP days–go to the home of the guru for a day
5. Big-ticket home-study programs (lots of videos/dvds/cds + manuals) for $1500+

Worst offenders:

  1. Seminars with multiple speakers, all selling packages.
  2. Big-ticket year-long “mastermind” programs, from $20-$100K
  3. Monthly memberships
  4. Big-ticket home-study programs

3, 5, 2, 4, 1

1, 2, 5, 4, 3

4. 5. 1. 3. 2

1, 2, 4, 3, 5

1, 2, 5

3, 4, 1, 5, 2

5, 4, 2, 3, 1

1, 3, 4, 2, 5

5, 4, 3, 1, 2

2, 1, 3, 4, 5

1 ,2 ,5, 3 ,4

3, 4, 1, 5, 2

5, 4, 1, 3, 2

3, 5, 1

3, 4, 5, 1, 2

1, 5, 4, 3, 2

3, 2


Comments from This Section:

No one is inherently bad, it’s more the method of self-promotion and the lack of valuable content that bothers me.

Lots of folks think they walk on water when they sure do not! The use of “incredible” “amazing” and other superlatives surrounding price of a special offer. “Do it now or it will cost more later.”

3 is by far the worst because you end up in one without realizing it.
2 because you can end up in these without realizing it.

3 & 4 could be okay. If there is really value to the seminar or access to the guru (bad term; good for big egos), and the upsell portion is really minimal, I don’t mind so much. Usually, though, I a not-too-thinly veiled upsell is the major thrust of the presentations.

Group calls with ‘Guru’ are only good if you have reasonable access, so the membership has to be limited, somehow. Again, the major thrust behind membership sites seems to be, “How can I make more money and work less?” This sickens me.

#6: How would a TRUSTWORTHY “Information Leader” do business? How would s/he market?

  • Be themselves … be real, but still PLAY BIG.

  • honestly, authentically, and with integrity

  • I want more practicality, and honesty “it won’t”, “you need to improve here and there”. Less exclamation of admiration as if the truth was just discovered. If something is good, yes, acknowledge it but I want less high-pitch “awesome’. Down to earth.

  • Some discreet disclosure; Substantial information for reasonable cost in time, energy and money; CD and group settings seem fruitful.

  • Teach first, then make services available.

  • The ONLY way I have seen transformation taking place in me has been through LIVE communication where ONE on ONE coaching is offered. So the information leader MUST offer me this in order for me to even consider giving him any money.

  • Email people when you truly have something to say or something new to offer, not every week or every day because you think you have to

  • If you can still learn from them without spending a cent…that’s good thing!

  • UP front honesty on what is offered at what price. NO HYPE on supposed value of products offered.. It is only valuable if I agree to pay the $$. Honesty about affiliate income from my purchases.
  • NO buy it now or loose out on the special price. Immediate decisions are pressure. A good product will sell itself w/o this car salesman tactic.
  • Membership community at very low cost with many free offerings.
  • NO GAMES! I am so tired of the manipulation

  • A sales/opt in page that is not a 30 min read through testimonial land.

  • Lead with actual leadership qualities. Yes, we all have information and products we would like to disseminate to the public, but it seems that over-inflating the price which puts a perceived value on the item engenders people to want to buy to see what the hidden gold is only to find out there isn’t any hidden gold, it’s just the same old stuff rehashed into a different format. I think we need to get back to an actual value based system. Why not let the buyers put their perceived value first – a few dollars to one person when it’s all they have is a far greater fortune than the $1500 to the person who has it to spend. When an individual values something they will use it.

  • Tell the fricking truth and stop the bullshit hype. It’s not the tools or the channels, it’s the message you deliver

  • I don’t think all of the above strategies are bogus or inflated depending on who the person is that you are going to spend time with. Consultants in lots of industries charge high fees for their expertise. We might pay to save us time and money by taking the long way. Bait and switch is my most hated ploy.

  • Content-rich mailings and seminars/workshops, with a mention of what is available next, and being available after an event to speak one to one about people’s concerns. Building trust and rapport work with me. It may take longer to enroll a new client (or not), but it sure feels better.

Well, there you have it! Know any Internet Information Marketing Guru? Send ’em over
here so they can get some sense knocked into them!

I’m still happy to take your thoughts over at Survey Monkey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NJ7XSR6

Oprah’s at Radio City–Christina Aguilera and Lots of Energy!

So, Oprah’s show today is live from Radio City–at least,
that’s what THEY say.  It’s not quite live–but anyway, it
was a great show and I had a very interesting question
come to mind
as I was getting ready for the curtain to
rise. But before that, let me give you the scoop.

This show was celebrating Oprah’s 10th anniversary of her
magazine, so her guests were the star contributors of the
magazine:  Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, Suze Orman and Nate Berkus
and celebrity moms like Cybil Shephard, Jane Seymour
and Vanessa Williams,
taking part in a Mother’s Day fashion
show. The big news, though, was–are you ready for this?–Dr.
Phil shaved off his moustache! And you know what? He looks
SOOO young without it. THEN came the star-power: Christina
gave a stunning performance, blowing the roof off RC.
She is back and is in rare form, let me tell you! Gorgeous, with
once-in-a-generation pipes!  Amazing. 

It was a great time and I’m lucky my ex and I are still good friends
because he’s my source for all this. 🙂

So, as I was sitting there, waiting for the show to begin, I
started thinking about something and would love your
. As all TV shows do, Oprah has a staff member who
gins-up the audience; get us really roused and energetic
before Oprah comes on. So, this energetic woman got on stage
and said things like, “Hey, New York! Let me hear you!” And
when we weren’t loud enough, she cried, louder herself, “I
can’t hear you!” She had people dancing on stage…and as I
was in this sea of energy, I recalled a comment that
someone made on my blog-telecall
the other day, as
we were talking about mirror neurons.

She talked of feeling manipulated at seminars and presen-
tations when the leader “froths up” the audience, as this
woman did today. You’ll want to listen to that telecall; it
was really interesting. I gave my 2 cents about that, which
I won’t go into here, but I was thinking of her statement
when I was in the audience this morning–not at ALL feeling
. I thought of how rock and pop stars do this
same thing: they get the audience revved up. And here’s my question.

I don’t believe it can be answered without some careful thought.
It doesn’t have a shallow answer, I believe.  When and where
was the line drawn, where it became taboo to have high-energy
like that  in a presentation or seminar? (Or boardroom!) Why is
it that the woman on my call the other day associates “manipul-
ation” and “phoniness” with getting an audience ginned up before
content is delivered? Why is it okay to do it at a rock or pop
–and before a television show, but not at a seminar
or presentation?

When was the line drawn–and why, do you think? Truthfully,
it’s a “rule” that’s just been made up. I don’t know of any universal
Black Book that dictates this as Truth. And yet it is entrenched
in our idea of what’s right and wrong
in giving presentations.

I’d love to hear your thoughtful thoughts on this.

I teach about the powerful “energy circuit” that is created in
presentation and seminar rooms, and I’d love for you to learn
more about that 2-day event. After you’ve posted your thoughts
to my question, go check out this webpage that discusses what it
is that all presenters do wrong when they’re presenting–no
matter how experienced they are: www.inspiredleadershiptraining.com/secrets

And I really look forward to your response!!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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