Can Anyone Else Figure Out Your Message? And Do They Buy It?

48 hours ago, a group of very special people were taking part in the 2nd day of my public speaking training, Secrets of Impact & Influence. I can’t tell you what they were doing–because that’s one of the secrets– but they were under some pressure to put into practice everything I had taught them the day before. I just love doling out pressure to my students! Anyway, at a point later in the day, I was helping them look at the big picture of where their presentation fits into their business–because they were all visionary entrepreneurs with big messages that they want to deliver. Here they were, learning how to be better than trained teachers and absolutely better than 99% of presenters out in the word–but then what? Since you have a message, too–and since the time has come for you to come out of hiding and deliver it–I think it would benefit you, too, to realize the necessary components of getting out there and successfully spreading your word while also successfully building a business! So, you have an idea of what your life-changing message is, and you have years and years of experience, knowledge, wisdom and insight to share that will change the world. What I have come to learn myself is that those with big messages often get buried under the largeness of everything they know–and have a very  hard time speaking about their messages clearly. For instance, I can’t tell you how many people say to me, “Lizabeth, I have so much content. How do I know what to put into a presentation?” They’re buried…and that’s just pertaining to a single program. What about their business at large and trying to describe that in a succinct manner? It’s just like their content: it’s too big, too unwieldy. So, how do we speak when something is too big, very UNformed, and consequently, very unclear? We ramble, go off-point, say things that have no relevancy to our prospect–and we lose them. The NUMBER ONE element missing from business clarity AND clarity around what to put into a presentation is strategic thinking. I’m not sure why, but most visionary entrepreneurs, with big messages and lots to give to others, are putting out fires daily and NOT thinking out every step in their business. They’re trying to make money today, right now–and not planning how that quick-fix will fit into the long-term, or even if it does fit in. Very often the class they create on a whim, or the coaching offer they make just to make money for the month, has no bearing on the big picture, and they are like hamsters on a wheel, having to create something new to offer every month. It’s exhausting because nothing they’re doing has roots. There is no strategy.  Sounds familiar, huh? So, what can you do? You have to take a time-out; incubate yourself for a critical period of time and take stock in where you’re going and how you will make money. Not just for today, but for always. What is the business model you should be developing that will work for a good solid few years? That is determined by knowing how you plan to disseminate your message, ultimately. Do you want to be a coach only? Do you want to have a radio how with sponsors? Do you want to be a keynote speaker? Or a trainer, like I am?  You must know who you want to be at the “pinnacle of your success”–and then build your business model from that knowledge…and yes, that often means revamping the business you have had for years! In this incubation period, you must also check to see just how market- able you really are. Do people want your message, really?? Or has that been done to death? And if someone does want your message–who wants it–and do you know why they want it so much? Do you know what wakes them up in the middle of the night and what they fantasize about? You must–IF you want to successfully deliver your message to them. Also, in your time of incubation, you need to know precisely how you’re different from everyone else out there. How do you set your- self apart  in dynamic ways that stand out? Here’s one idea, something a little radical: stand out by standing on top of a proverbial mountain top and shouting your “prescription for change in the world.” What is your belief of what will change the world? (Not your business solution, but a solution that transcends that; that is a universal truth.) And here’s the radical part: say that in your marketing. Shout your beliefs in your marketing. This will set you apart from all others without question! Next, in your incubation period, you must come to understand what your business thesis is. You know what a thesis statement is, right? Well, you need one–a clear, concise one–for your business. What is your contention, as the expert of your service? You have one, but I guarantee you are not building your entire business around a strong, clear, well-articulated business thesis. Very few businesses do this–and it is even rarer for the “inspired leader”-type to think this way. So now, you have a business vision…you know you’re marketable and why…and to whom, specifically…and what will have you stand out from everyone else who does what you do…and you have that “from-the-mountaintop” message…and the thesis statement that your whole business stands on. Whew! You’ve put yourself into a strategic pressure cooker! NOW–and only now– you know HOW you should deliver your message! With all of that work, you know what your programs and presentations should be. No more confusion about having too much content. Suddenly, your business isn’t unwieldy, and you can speak about it with crystal clarity and conciseness so people are interested in hearing your message. Personally, I believe that all of that strategy needs to be refined so crisply and tightly that you could express any element of your business in a single sentence, if asked. So, if someone says, “What do you do?” You can answer–in a single, potent sentence. If someone says, “I know someone who does that.” You can swoop in with a killer sentence that shows them that, no, NO ONE ELSE does what you do. Here’s how you’re different. And if someone wants to know the tangible results they’ll get from working with you–you can rattle them off, like bullet points, in a single sentence. What you can describe in a single sentence, you fully understand. What you canNOT, you do not. I believe there are 12 questions that are always lurking in the minds of your prospects. If you can craft compelling and pithy answers to each of them–and speak those–you have the ability to convert. Period. If you cannot, your conversion rates will be very poor. You need to have your business identity so refined that you could balance your business on the head of a pin. It is that clear. Is yours? My mission is to ensure that visionary entrepreneurs succeed! That they’re messages are truly received AND that they make money and have a solid business model that works. I am devoting myself to those who are changing the world with their messages because failure is not an option! They are needed too badly. To that end, I offer a high-octane online program called “12 Sentences” and it starts next week. It is THE “incubation course” of all time and if you are ready to birth a business that is powerfully set up to truly deliver the messages and content you have–I invite you to attend one of the 3 free calls I’m giving this week, where you can find out what the course entails. Just click right here to sign up for the calls Tuesday, Wed and Thursday this week.
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