10 Years In Business Tip #2–Without This, You’re Sunk

In my special report, What I Know For Sure: Lessons Learned in 10 Years of Business, I list 75 topic areas that I have bumped into over ten years. Throughout October, I will randomly choose one of the 75 and expound on it. So here’s today’s:

#2 You’ll really only make it in your own business
if you have a tenacious, merciless beast within you
of doing so must be excruciatingly painful, or you
will be too easily persuaded to do so when the
going gets tough

I’ve always had this beast in me. Early on, it showed up as my being a careless and often neglectful, forgetful and completely indifferent employee–which annoyed my bosses, got me fired once, and generally left me with the certainty that I must be lazy because I hated to work.

Well, it wasn’t until I became an entrepreneur 10 years ago this month, that I realized ALL of that was wrong. Society has enculturated us  with the robotic “life success” trajectory: get good grades, go to college, work for a good company and claw your way to the top--OR you’re a miscreant. I bought into that hook, line and sinker…only to  discover in my own business that not only can I work with some degree of interest, I can LOVE working…in fact, way too much.

As my business grew, this beast that had once seemed my enemy–became my dearest friend. I’d hit a dry spell and have those middle-of-the-night terrors where I’d consider selling my soul for the ever-lauded “consistent paycheck”–and my beast would unleash itself wildly, screaming at me that I would wither under the supervision of a boss. I’d die giving up my autonomy, my ability to run things entirely…and, most of all, the ability to create something meaningful out of nothing and call it my own. And get paid for my own genius. “NEVER!” it has shrieked at me in such times, and I’ve had no choice but to listen.

And THAT is why I am still here 10 years later. If this beast did not live vividly in me–the other beast called fear could easily have won. And I would NOT be here telling this story. In fact, I’m quite sure I wouldn’t be here at all. So, the only question to ask yourself is, “Can I work for anyone else?” The answer will predict your future.

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