About the Academy


To raise the consciousness of the planet by developing 
entrepreneurial leaders who change the world 
with powerful messages, powerfully delivered—
and who, by doing so, experience the joy of their own self-actualization.

If you are in business to change the world, then you’re in a different business than the vast majority of entrepreneurs and so you must do business differently. It is critical that you learn and build your business inside of a curriculum that understands that distinction. Inspired Leaders’ Academyis a truly ground-breaking business school specifically designed for your unique needs, as a visionary entrepreneur called to change the world.

Who The Academy Is For:

Seasoned and new socially conscious, service-based, visionary entrepreneurs: coaches, authors, speakers, consultants, and other innovators of world-changing companies.

What Makes You Different From Every Other Entrepreneur?

Because of your grand objectives, you must know more and be effective in more areas than the typical entrepreneur. You need to have a powerful message of change. You need to know how to influence change.
You need programs that evoke transformation. You must be able to teach (i.e. execute those programs) with exceptional skill. You must lead. One of the key factors of influence is inspiration. The most successful businesses of the future are going to be led by bold, inspired leaders with potent messages of inspiration that uplift humanity. Everything you do as a business owner must inspire.

What Makes ILA Different From Everything Out There?

ILA is where visionary entrepreneurs come to stir the waters and destroy the status quo…and develop singular, distinctive, businesses that effect change–as they themselves move fully into their role as world changers.

  • It is the only environment designed specifically to launch start-up and experienced service-based entrepreneurs as leaders of change.
  • It is the only environment that meets the very unique needs of a business with the dual purpose of making money and creating change.
  • It is the only place where entrepreneurs build their entire businesses from a powerful, provocative “inspirational message of change”—the future of all business.
  • It offers the fastest process for creating a marketable-remarkable business identity unlike any other in the world and that directly expresses your purpose for being in the world.
  • It offers the only program that laser-focuses on every single communication link your business has with prospects and clients: from the first words you speak to convey its value, to the content of the opt-in gift on your website, to every marketing piece that entices people to try your “portal” presentation, to the scripts needed to sell your Signature Program–ensuring that every one is “Brain-Sticky”: compelling, memorable and original.
  • It offers the only business program in the world that intimately designs with you –Lizabeth scripts–highly marketable curricula (teleclasses; full-length programs; live events; presentations) that are not just compelling, memorable and original—but that create transformation.
  • It is the only business environment that, in addition to building your business empire, deliberately strengthens the bold, daring, irrepressible, break-the-rules leader in you that will change the world. Inhibitions have no place in your mission and deliberately exercising your leadership qualities is part of your daily diet at Inspired Leaders’ Academy.
  • It has rigorous standards for getting in to the school and graduating from its full-curriculum course, The Immersion Program—ensuring that your business succeeds.

How It Came to Be:

Inspired Leaders’ Academy is the next incarnation of Inspired Leadership Training, a business I launched in 2006 with a ground-breaking public speaking training, Secrets of Impact & Influence, based on research in the learning, memory and emotion areas of neuroscience. My offerings grew, as I saw the great need for entrepreneurs to speak as well off-stage, about their businesses, as they had learned to speak on-stage. I saw the glaring absence of clarity about their differentiation and what made their services “hot and marketable,” and immediately began to employ my marketing background to create business training that solved these sales-destroying communication issues. Eventually, I was offering four main programs that met the needs of coaches, consultants and other visionary entrepreneurs in building a remarkable and different business. The problem was, they would enter at various points and not necessarily take all of the programs, and when they did this, they lost their way. While it may have been comfortable for me and for their pocketbook to offer individual programs–it was, in fact, ineffective and unethical. And that’s when I decided things needed to change. The fact is, with or without me, a service-based entrepreneur needs to take a particular path (did you see my video training series yet?) from beginning to end. No stops along the way. No detours. No hopping. Not if they want to succeed.

Inspired Leaders’ Academyis now designed for success by moving start-up and established entrepreneurs through each step. No jumping in at the wrong place. No jumping off far too soon. Taking the entire system fool-proofs the business-empire-building process and ensures that nothing is missed. And as a business teacher and consultant, my standards are impeccable.

It has rigorous standards of excellence 
inconceivable in these times of pervasive, superficial
 Silver, Platinum, Gold and Diamond “coaching” programs.

There are other ways to learn at this business school, as well, but they are limited for this very reason.

All Programs Available at ILA:

Immersion Program: Business Empire and Leadership Mastery–takes start-ups and established entrepreneurs through the meticulous path required to succeed both financially and in effecting change in the world.
 The Powerhouse Method™–Phase 1 of the Immersion Program, available separately: a powerful, fast-paced process that builds a one-of-a-kind, highly marketable, business identity out of your leadership message of change. All levels of entrepreneurs will receive explosive value from this program.
 I.L.L.U.M.I.N.A.T.E.—A twice-monthly virtual business group for visionary entrepreneurs, addressing the communication and business needs unique to them. 
 Inspired Leaders Unleashed! 3 Day Live Event—A weekend of inspiration, transformation and provocative business-building development that prepares new and seasoned entrepreneurs for their much-needed leadership. Continuing Education

  • Limited Private Consulting and Immersion Days
  • Opt-In Gift Creation

You can also find ebooks and CD’s in the Book Store. If you are here to help effect change in the world, now is your time to lead. Join Inspired Leaders’ Academy and let’s get started changing the world with your business!

Watch These Videos to Gain a Complete Understanding of What’s Offered at ILA:

In the first video you’ll learn the 5 areas that make you different from all other service entrepreneurs, and then how you need to DO business differently,
as a leader of change!

[youtube width=”500″ height=”400″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlK5_Zkqwds[/youtube]

In this next video, you’re going to learn the strategic “sales path” that builds a business-empire. Without a sales path, you don’t have a business.
Check to see if you’re using this one…

[youtube width=”500″ height=”400″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vURXwnskge8[/youtube]

In this final video, you’re going to see, laid out, the 8-step path YOU need to walk in order to execute your own business-empire-building sales path. And while I’m at it, I’ll share how Inspired Leaders’ Academy does it unlike anyone else. Enjoy!

[youtube width=”500″ height=”400″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElCENmAFC6w[/youtube]

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