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I believe strongly in consistent feedback when building your expert business, or when elements of it are being developed. Therefore, nearly everything I do has a 1-1 component–the “piano-teacher-on-the-bench-beside-you” structure. Any other way is simply ineffective. There are only two offerings of mine that do not fall under this category: 1. The Sequence Secret Audio Tour, the only information program I offer, and 2. my live events. I am comfortable offering these because they provide a solid alternative when 1-1 is not an option–or, in the case of live events, provide an optimal environment for learning. You will find that the services on this page descend from most 1-1 access with me, to least.

Inspired Thought Leader Immersion Program
Inspired Thought Leader Immersion ProgramIn this complete 1-1 program, all six phases in the diagram to the left are comprehensively covered. All work is project-based, so tangible deliverables are guaranteed.Phase 1 and 2 are conceived in The Powerhouse Method (TM), my branding program which can be taken as a stand-alone (see below.) The other phases are fully developed through extensive strategy, scripting of programs, copywriting, public speaking direction and implementation–all on the Inspired Thought Leader platform.

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The Powerhouse Method (TM)
The Powerhouse MethodThis is my most popular program and where Inspired Thought Leader branding and messaging get meticulously crafted for coaches and consultants, small businesses and internal initiatives.The process involves 7, 90-minute sessions or in-person intensives. To read more…

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Made-to-Lead Worksheet Program
Made-to-Lead Worksheet ProgramThis is a branding and messaging program at 1/4 the investment of The Powerhouse Method (TM). I am the “piano teacher on the bench beside you” here, as well, acting in a professorial role as I edit your answers to 10 comprehensive worksheets.I developed Made to Lead out of the structure of The Powerhouse Method(TM) and I am pleased to say it meets my high standards. You can read more about it by clicking below button

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New Paradigm Audience Leadership Development
New Paradigm Audience Leadership DevelopmentFor years, I taught a proprietary public speaking training based on research on learning, memory and emotion in the brain. No matter how seasoned you are as a speaker, chances are very good that you are perpetuating outdated (in some cases, medieval) cultural influences that dilute your effectiveness and also have no place in today’s new world.I do not give the public training anymore, but I do teach brain-based learning techniques to clients in the Immersion Program who must structure their programs to optimize learning for their attendees.

I also offer private audience leadership development days, where the 2 sequences for teaching to the brain, as well as the 8 accelerators, are taught and implemented. These private days are available to small groups and individuals. Please fill out contact form on the bottom of the Home Page to engage in a conversation with me about this service.

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3 Days of Focused 1-1 Consulting
3 Days of Focused 1-1 ConsultingAs you saw on the homepage, I offer several free ebooks, one of which is The Sequence Secret Exposed: What No One Else Is Telling You About Building Your Expert Business, Step by Step. It is the first item on the left in the diagram. It walks coaches, consultants and others wishing to showcase their expertise through over 70 micro-steps in building a successful business. All steps are divided over 6 phases.In connection with the The Sequence Secret are 1. The Secret Vault Swap Files, comprised of 6 templates and worksheets I only give my private clients that guide readers through the hardest areas in each of the 6 phases. However, without feedback, it is much too easy to use those worksheets incorrectly and go public with a bad decision. To protect you from making a mistake, I make myself available for up to to 3 days by working with you closely on one of the 6 worksheets/templates. This is the least expensive way possible to get focused advise and feedback on some of the most challenging parts of building a business. To take advantage of this option

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The Sequence Secret Audio Tour + Swap Files
The Sequence Secret Audio Tour + Swap FilesYou now have access to an 8+-hour digital CD set that covers every step in the free Sequence Secret resource. There are a total of 6 digital mp3 zip folders, representing each of the 6 phases in the sequence. This is the one and only do-it-yourself program I offer because I am confident this series will dramatically improve the success of any coach and consultant who has no budget now for private assistance. To read more,click here

Phase 1 of Sequence Secret Audio Tour
Phase 1 of Sequence Secret Audio TourPhase 1 of the Audio Tour is branding and messaging and this 3-hour excerpt walks you through many of the steps I take private clients through in The Powerhouse Method, and also the worksheet program, Made-to-Lead.It is the only segment of the Audio Tour that is available on its own and I offer it, again, so that those without the budget for 1-1 branding development in The Powerhouse Method(TM) or Made-to-Lead can get meticulous instruction on the most important aspect of building a business–at an extremely affordable price. To buy your copy

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Live Events
Live EventsSometimes, a group experience is essential–and with my expertise in brain-based learning, you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience. Events are TBD but details can be found here

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