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The Sequence Secret Audio Tour 

Talking you through what no one else is telling you about building your expert business step-by-step.  You are pulled in a hundred different directions in your business, and most of them are taking you far off-course. When people come to me with business struggles, it’s because they’re working way out of sequence. When you’re building anything–a house, a jungle gym–you must do things in order or the entire structure falls apart. Nowhere is that truer and more important than when building your business. But until now, there have never been micro-step-by-step directions for building a successful coaching/consulting business–and so deadly mistakes occur all of the time. And I am always cleaning them up. Now, in a free PDF, The Sequence Secret, you can follow 70+ steps in order, saving yourself thousands of hours and countless dollars. To accompany the free PDF, I offer this invaluable audio tour to further ensure you do not slip through the cracks. RUN TIME: 8 hours. $497. LIMITED SALE for $297 right now Read More

The Sequence Secret Audio Tour–Phase 1 Only–Designing Your Original Brand and Message

This is the first time I have ever created a product on branding and business messaging, and I did it because some folks simply aren’t able to work with me one-on-one. I feel strongly that feedback in this area is essential for success, but I’m also pleased with these 3 hours and know they will help you if you must do it yourself. This follows the 9 steps in Phase 1 of The Sequence Secret Free PDF, and methodically walks you through the sequence for developing your brand. There are definitely things that must come first, second, third and so on. To listen to excerpts from this series, go here. RUN TIME: 3 hours. $87. LIMITED SALE: $57


Are You Ready to Speak in Public?

Do you know:

  • Who the narrow-group audience will be in your room?
  • What they really, really want (and are you delivering it)?
  • How you are different from everyone in your field? Everyone else in business?
  • How to articulate that difference so well that they “urgent want” you?
  • Your written strategy for moving prospects from awareness of you to buying from you?
  • Your business’ mission statement?
  • Your plan is for getting speaking gigs?

If you answered, “I don’t know,” or “no” to any of these questions…you are not ready to speak in public yet. Don’t make the mistake of going out there unprepared. Inside this book is a priceless roadmap for strengthening your business, so that your journey to the stage (and well beyond) nets measurable and lasting results. $17–SALE $9  Read More >

Speak Free and Profit: The Definitive Guide to Giving Free Seminars to Explode Your List and our Revenues!

  • How would you like to have interested and loyal leads who stay with you for years?
  • And who feel an urgency to buy from you?
  • How about referral partners who eagerly spread the word about you?
  • Does an efficient method for getting clients and customers sound inviting to you?
  • How about a marketing strategy that maximizes your marketing dollars?
  • Would standing apart from the crowd, the chaos and the clutter change your business?
  • If you’re just starting your business, would you like to save yourself years of mistakes?
  • And how about doing some good out there while you’re cashing in—would you like that?

Then use the strategy used by Fortune 500 companies and me: Give free seminars. I built my entire business this way, gathered leads who are still with me today, and I’ve profited every time I’ve used this strategy. And now I’m sharing the grittiest details with you in a workbook that guides you, step-by-step, through the process of giving your own free seminars to get leads and make money. There are 13 distinct steps you need to follow to launch successful free seminars—and you need to take them in this order, not missing even one. In this book, I am taking YEARS off your learning curve, and saving you from making MASSIVE mistakes. $24--SALE $12 Read More >


Free Materials

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Brain-Antagonistic Communication Blunders

“Brain-antagonistic” is a fancy term for anything that shuts down the natural processing of the brain and/or neuronal circuit growth. Whenever we communicate, we risk being brain-antagonistic (boring, irrelevant, threatening) and moving the brain of our listener from higher-order thinking (pre-frontal cortex) to the reactionary, emotional, survival-mode lower or “reptilian” brain, where poorer (or no) choices are made. As business owners, it is incumbent upon us to recognize our own unconscious habit of brain-antagonistic communication—and strive to become “brain-sticky”: original, irresistible, memorable and effective. This 8-page report is a step in that direction.

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What I Know for Sure: Lessons Learned in 10 Years of Business

You will find 75 bullet-points of wisdom in this 11-page document that I learned the hard way! Shave years off your learning curve!

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Your Perfect Buyer: Revealing the Best Market For Your Business and the Secrets That Will Cause Them To Act


1ofaKind3DmedDownload Now

One of a Kind: The Powerhouse Strategy for Standing Out and Leading the Way with Your Business



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