Continuing Education

Inspired Leaders’ Academy is structured to be as effective as conceivably possible, which is why there are few opportunities to get assistance outside of the Immersion Program: Business Empire and Leadership Mastery. That’s what works. But there are those who can’t make the time or financial commitment right now, which is why ILLUMINATE (link to that page) is available–the twice-monthly inspired business group call—as well as these select private services:

Private Consulting Hours

I am available for a total of eight (8) sessions of private consulting per year, on any subject pertaining to:

  • Building a service-based business
  • Communicating its value in marketing content
  • Designing provocative curriculum/information product content
  • Delivering curriculum better than virtually any other presenter (private public speaking coaching, based on brain-based learning techniques.

The reason I don’t offer more than eight is that after that point, you should just enroll in the Immersion Program, which is simply the most effective way to succeed at building or re-inventing your world-changing business. My fee is $350/hour. This is below industry standard, but I want to give you the chance to “tap my creativity” for results—and at a fee–you won’t get anywhere else.

If you would like to purchase a private session with me, you can do that here.
To make an inquiry about the service best for you, click here.

Developing Your Opt-In Bonus

The gift you offer on your website, in exchange for someone’s name and email address, must be Brain-Sticky: compelling, memorable and original, or they will click to the next site and you’ll lose a client like that. The name must be Brain-Sticky, as well as the subject AND the content. I tell my students that an email address is now worth about $40. People do not want to give their e-addresses away to superficial fluff—and they’re wary because they’ve been burned so much. The majority of free gifts out there are trash.

One of the few services I offer is the development of the concept for your opt-in, its name, and the content itself (video scripts, reports or ebooks).

I cannot offer a set fee for this service, but I can tell you it will exceed $700. (It will take more than 2 hours of my time.) If you need to pick and choose what to do to build your list, get your opt-in gift in order! It takes just one opt-in, purchasing one of your services, to get an immediate return on this investment. If you are interested in having me consider developing your opt-in, please fill out this form and I’ll be in touch with you shortly.

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