You Need More Skills Than
the Typical Entrepreneur.

Finally, There’s an Exclusive Business Group
That Helps You Master
The 2 Most Essential Ones.

As an Inspired Leader, you are part of a special group. You’re here to pave the way for empowering change in the world. Your visions are grander than most. Your mission, profounder. Because of that, you are different from other entrepreneurs. You must know more and be effective in more areas than the typical entrepreneur.

Yet, most entrepreneurs with the gift to effect change are weak in the primary skill they need to succeed at it: masterful communication… …and need strengthening of the secondary skill: self-mastery over limiting habits.

Let’s start with masterful communication.

Virtually any time you deliver a message, it is to persuade someone to think or act differently.

Words are what move mountains, stop wars and start movements.

Words that make a business. (And destroy one.)

The ability to communicate influentially, to compellingly and convincingly make your case with powerful language, is the required skill of any entrepreneur.

All entrepreneurs must communicate:

  • Their key message to reveal their business’s single identity.
  • What makes their business different from others.
  • What makes them valuable (worth money).

You must, too. But unlike them, YOU must: 

  • Have a powerful leadership message of change.
  • Be able to influence empowering action with your words.
  • Deliver content so it creates transformation.
  • Teach those programs with unparalleled skill

And you must do it not with just any words…but words that move and inspire.

And that’s good news. Visionary entrepreneurs—while often weak in the skill of persuasion–have a huge advantage over regular entrepreneurs because their mission is truly inspired. But there’s more to influential communication than passion and inspiration.

Here’s what I see every single day from coaches, consultants, speakers and other inspired leaders:

  • Use of clichés and vague language in virtually everything
  • Superficial and me-too content
  • Bland presentations that lack sizzle and precision
  • Canned speeches
  • Failure to make the case that their service is necessary
  • Confusing website copy
  • Ho-hum opt-in bonuses
  • Wordy and uninteresting blog posts
  • Me-too email newsletters nobody opens
  • Ebooks and other products with me-too titles and ignorable content
  • Intellectualizing their language to sound smarter
  • Sales offers and pitches that spur little urgency to buy
  • No unique business positioning in the marketplace
  • And (*sigh* I hate to say this, but..) overall lack of originality

When you most need to make an impact, your conversations with your prospects are “brain-antagonistic”— they shut down the natural impulse of the brain to be attentive and interested. And you drive the lifeblood of your future away.

You’re here to create change on the planet.
Your persuasive skills must be top-notch!

And that has as much to do with the second skill required, as it does with choice of language: Leadership Self-Mastery:

  • Honoring and speaking one’s own truth despite opposition.
  • Honoring commitments despite life’s inconvenient circumstances.
  • Taking a stand and boldly maintaining it no matter what others say.
  • Going where other’s fear to go.
  • Conquering one’s own limitations.
  • Staying unwaveringly tenacious.
  • Listening keenly to others to provide solutions.
  • Keeping connected to everyone in their circle.

There are surely more, but these are the leadership qualities exercised at Inspired Leaders’ Academy.

Now, You Can Hone These 2 Top Skills In an
Exclusive Business Group Designed Just for Experts!

This is a one-of-a-kind, break-the-rules community designed solely around the unique business communication and leadership needs of visionary entrepreneurs changing the world.

Inspired Leaders Launching Universal Messages,
Inspiring New Action, Transformation and Empowerment

Do You Want to:

  • Attract raving-fan-clients?
  • Achieve “expert status” in your field?
  • Change the minds of important opinion leaders?
  • Alter the opportunities available for a new generation?
  • Improve education, health, religion, politics?
  • Start a school, center, TV show?
  • Or…start a movement?

To Be That One Infectious Human Voice That Has People Listen And Change–
You MUST Be Willing To Leave The Pack And Do Things Differently.

That’s What ILLUMINATE Is All About!

This twice-monthly, 90-MINUTE, SMALL group community will support your natural, innate gift to change the world into profitable, money-making persuasive communications that make things happen.

ILLUMINATE is the program that keeps you constantly in the game of developing compelling, effective, original messages that people want and act on.

It is the least expensive, most time-efficient way to learn fresh, provocative and revolutionary ways to convey your value to prospects, clients and influencers—which you must do all of the time.

What is Membership Like?

ILLUMINATE is NOT one of those no-access memberships with CD’s and newsletters that pile up on your bedside table, and on-line forums you never use and guarantee only 
frustration, overwhelm—and little, if any, results.


This is a membership with LIVE access to me for 90 minutes–unlike virtually all other group programs where you can’t consume what they’re offering and you’re left to listen and figure it all out on your own. ILLUMINATE’s format naturally puts you into practice, rather than having you simply listen to CD’s and read newsletters. This group is energetic and fun, but most of all, it is inspirational. It is home to those with powerful messages.

  • This is a 4-month program.
  • Each call is dedicated to vastly improving your influential business communications.
  • Calls are directed. This means I don’t come on the call and say, “Okay, who has a question?” I know what you need to do and give you directed homework and in-call exercises. You won’t get this anywhere else. And certainly not focused solely on communication.
  • Get LIVE on-the-spot feedback from me so you are assured of making the right communication moves online and in person.
  • Take away actual wording I give you to use in your marketing copy! This is unprecedented and worth the investment alone.
  • Listen repeatedly to the mp3 recordings of all calls.
  • Between calls, on a private Facebook group, engage with your fellow members in special self-mastery assignments that will test even the most diligent personal growth aficionado! Are you ready?

There are TWO 90-MINUTE calls per month:
the 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 1pm EST.
(Sept 2013 it is the 3rd and 4th Tuesdays.)

I am the original “Experience-Maker” and have extensive experience in advanced learning strategies. I am turning the typical group program on its head, from passive “neck-up” learning, to interactive and FUN “Experience”.

Sample Group Discussions

  • What the Brain Needs to Stay Attentive and Buy
  • What’s Your Differentiating Edge?
  • Your On-the-Mountaintop Message
  • Release Your Inhibitions: Daring to Be A True 
  • Understanding Your Ho-Hum Articulation & How to 
Make it Sizzle
  • Steering Clear: Thinking Your Way to Crystal Clarity
  • The Killer “What You Do” Statement
  • Knowing the Deep Psyche of Your Market
  • Importance of a Business Mission to Propel You Into 
  • Making a Flawless Case
  • The Keys to LOVING to Sell
  • The Way of the Future: Inspired Selling
  • Like Bees to Honey: Your Sales Path
  • Building Urgency—Why You? Why Now?
  • Tips for Getting The “Yes”
  • Copywriting 101
  • The Key to Designing Brain-Sticky Info-Products
  • The Warning Signs of Old-School Presentations
  • How the Brains in Your Audiences Learn
  • How to Give Free Seminars and Profit

Results You Could See From Immersing Yourself in
Brain-Sticky Communication Skills Each Month:

A measurably “sharpened persuasive saw” in both verbal and written contexts, directly increasing your income potential.
Use of exciting, revolutionary approaches to influencing group and one-on-one change.
A sophisticated understanding of what capture’s attention and keeps it, so you master the ability to reach your market ahead of your competition.
What it takes to create a compelling, desirable, memorable, business identity that rises above the “sea of sameness.”
The ability to stimulate a sense of urgency to buy your solution, so earning money is both easier and faster.
An excitement around and eagerness to sell!
An advanced ability to deepen learning in audience members that creates raving fans who tell others about you and come back for more.
A measurable shift in your boldness and effectiveness as a leader of change.
And, as they say, much, much more

What This is NOT

This is NOT a training call or a step-by-step program. Therefore, this does not and cannot replace the Powerhouse Method™ or The Business Empire and Leadership Mastery Program at ILA. (ILLUMINATE is free for those in the Immersion Program.)

This membership is meant to keep you on top of the critical communications and leadership issues you face every day and act as a reinforcement of general “Brain-Sticky Communication” concepts.

ILLUMINATE is designed so you receive up-close-and-personal advice and direction, and an opportunity to receive the most critical factor in learning—feedback—all in a fun environment with powerful, like-minded leaders.

Are The Calls Recorded?

The calls are recorded and available to all community members—however, remember, this is a program to help exercise your leadership ability. Leaders show up. They make things happen. Circumstances do NOT get in the way of their commitments. If you are going to join ILLUMINATE, decide that you are stepping fully into your role as a leader, and be there in person, twice per month—or at least, once. This is also a community, a home, of peers. You want to be there.

This Is THE Place Where Inspired Leaders Go To
Openly Express Their Commitment To Changing The World.

AND it’s the home of the rebel! Where courage to leave the pack is urged and encouraged. It is a place of inspiration and community—the place to get your “hit” of the unique entrepreneurial conviction to change the world that lives so powerfully in you. There are other business memberships you could join…and I say, take the one that’s calling out to you. Along with this one.The abilities to persuade and lead are never-ending skills. ILLUMINATE needs to be a part of your on-going business diet.

Promise and Guarantee

My commitment is to give you extreme value for a small price and small time commitment, while allowing you to join a movement of light-bringers changing the world. Guarantee: if you don’t feel that you are getting extreme value—you may cancel your membership at any time.

I’ve known for a very long time that I was born to deliver world-changing messages through my service to the world. Yet, in my mind I needed to boost several leadership and communication skills to become a more effective leader. That’s why I decided to participate in ILLUMINATE.

The ILLUMINATE experience helped me create a laser-focused message for my ideal clients. What I enjoyed most about each ILLUMINATE small group session was the emphasis on boldness and originality – while addressing specific “leadership self-mastery” and “persuasive communications” skills. Lizabeth’s on-the-spot coaching helped clarify my message and made a huge difference in strengthening a leadership quality I wanted to master. It was a life-altering breakthrough! If you’re ready to “change the world” and looking to connect with other inspirational leaders while receiving guidance from a great coach (who is passionate about YOUR unique message, leadership self-mastery and persuasive communication) – then, ILLUMINATE is for YOU!” —MaryAnn D’Ambrosio of

One More Time: Why Does Your Business Need This?

Because yours is not just any business with a good product or service. Entire lives, communities and generations depend on the unique contribution you are here to make. You do not have time for mistakes. You do not have years to waste on wrong advice from others or on your own limitations. You have things to do–and given the state of the world, they need to get done now. But furthermore:

1. The world needs your message now. You don’t have time for wings and prayers any more. You need THE most important skill that will bring you sales (influential communication). And you need it NOW. And every day you’re in business.
2. You have a destiny. You must lead with impeccability and powerful communication.
3. You don’t learn business communication skills once and then move on. You must consistently strengthen your ability to convey your value by being in constant conversation about it. I never stop learning about this and neither must you. You will benefit enormously from my ongoing learning and be kept abreast of the best, most original communication techniques in use.
4. We all need help in getting things done. We are overwhelmed by distraction. The structured environment of this club sets you up to succeed by enabling you to put the techniques into practice—no excuses—and get results! SUPPORT AND ACCOUNTABILITY—my coaching hat is coming on as it rarely does any more!!!
5. Being in a tribe of Inspired Entrepreneurs will not only raise your consciousness, bolster your confidence and courage and stir your soul—it will explode your viral marketing opportunities. Networking is king.

Then again…

It’s risky to change the world. You must release your inner entertainer; boldly take a stand; reveal your humanity; satisfy your audience’s intellect while you stir their hearts; say what others’ don’t dare say; go where others don’t dare go; find the message in you that bubbles up so passionately that you would shout it from the mountaintops—and truly do it. You are here to contribute profoundly to the progress of humanity—but it won’t happen without bold, daring originality. To have the impact you are here to make, to be successful personally and professionally, you have to leave the pack, dare to do what’s different—even if it’s unpopular. ILLUMINATEgives you that courage, that support—and the concrete tools of original business communication and leadership skills so you change the world and make money.

What do you say? Are you ready to take a stand for your future—and all those you serve?

Join now!

As the founder, dean and resident professor of ILA, (and communications expert), it is my mission to ensure that you have a successful business by powerfully delivering the world-changing messages you were born to give. Let’s do this together!

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