Immersion Business-Building and Leadership Program

Consultants, coaches, and other experts–especially those here to stand apart with a message of change– should lead their customers through the following path:


You need to have an “ascension” business model: a progressive line-up of marketable programs that begins with a Signature Program (4) and extends to (5). Then, you need the marketing tools to fill them (1-3.)

To truly stand out, your free Portal Event (3) will tell a very unique Inspired Thought Leader Teaching Story, and your Signature Program will advance that story. (Click here to learn more about that story.)

Now, the path YOU need to take, to develop this progressive-line-up of programs and products is shown here:


This is the process I used to build my business and the one I have further developed from years of experience working with experts daily. There isn’t a step here that a start up or seasoned expert doesn’t need.

With me, it all begins with The Powerhouse Method (TM)–steps 1 and 2 in the diagram above–the most thorough process you will find for developing your marketable, one-of-a-kind message and brand identity. Guaranteed. You can read about it in full here.

The Immersion Leadership Program picks up where the The Powerhouse Method (TM) leaves off and includes steps 3-6 in the diagram above. PLEASE NOTE: I refer to them as Phases 2-5 in the description below.


The Immersion Program can be completed inside of anywhere from 4 to 12 months, depending entirely on you: your schedule, your dedication, and your ability to act on assignments quickly.


There are group mastermind programs out there starting at $7,000 and going as high as $100,000 for access to an online business celebrity. I know because many of my clients come to me to clean up the mess made from those learning environments. You cannot build your business properly–or in a way that will “stick” and be right for you–in a group!!

Constant course-correction is crucial to your success–something you will not get from twice-monthly Q and A calls with a celebrity, or his/her trainers, and certainly not from one or two private sessions with him/her.

teacher and child's hands touch keyboardYou need a teacher “on the piano bench” with you, ensuring that you don’t pound on the wrong keys; one who will correct your finger placement every step of the way. I have found many business owners to be “tone deaf,” putting out ideas that sound terrible to the rest of the world (i.e. are not marketable). In fact, I have worked with many who developed those bad ideas with a too-distant business celebrity and his/her formulaic, far too “do-it-yourself” programs.

The Immersion Program is a fraction of what you would pay for these masterminds–and a fraction of what you would pay in mistakes trying to do this yourself. At the bottom of this page is a form to fill out to speak with me privately. I urge you to have a conversation to compare my program to any other before you make a decision.

Immersion Program

Do not be fooled by the single-line descriptions beneath each phase. Each one is a project in itself and very comprehensive. I am confident you will not find another program that provides this level of detail and feedback–which every business requires for success.

Phase 2: Development of Ascension Business Model Content 

  • Outline of Ascension Business Model (Progressive Line-Up of Offerings) (the full scope of services you will offer clients, from the moment they first hear of you through to the natural conclusion of your work with them.) We will determine duration of each, pricing of each, and deliverables of each.
  • Creation of Opt-In Gift—-(this is the free video series, ebook, assessment, report, etc. where they will sample a condensed version of your “teaching concept”)
    1. Brain-Sticky Thesis/Concept
    2. Name and tag line
    3. Precise wording, reviewed and edited by me
  • Creation of Paid Product 
    1. Brain-Sticky Thesis/Concept
    2. Name and pricing
    3. Outlined in detailed, edited 1x by me 
  • Creation of Portal Program + Script + Pricing(this is the free program in which they will first sample your entire “teaching concept”) 
    1. Brain Sticky Thesis/Concept––so it’s urgently wanted
    2. Complete outline using my proprietary “Transformational Arc”
    3. Use of the Brain-Based Learning techniques and sequences taught exclusively at my public speaking training. You will not get this anywhere else and this alone is worth the investment. It transforms you and your event into an unforgettable and powerful experience.
    4. Name and tag line
    5. Script—verbally scripted, then reviewed and edited by me
  • Creation of Signature Program + Script + Pricing(this is your main program—the one you are known for, can become famous on, and that is your main money-maker.)
    1. Brain Sticky Thesis/Concept––so it’s urgently wanted
    2. Use of the Brain-Based Learning techniques and sequences taught exclusively at my public speaking training.
    3. Name and tag line
    4. Outline is created in great detail and then edited by me
  • Upsell Scripts for Portal and Signature Programthis is the script for selling to the next program, word for word scripted orally and edited by me. Extremely valuable.

Phase 3: Development of Inspired Thought Leader Marketing Strategy AND Copy 

  • Specific and Detailed Marketing Funnel Designed Verbally via Phone Sessions
    1. + Marketing Strategy for Front-End Programs/products
    2. + Marketing Strategy for Back-End Programs/products
  • Development of Promotional Content INCLUDES:
    1. Copy for Registration Page/video to Portal Event co-written (certain limitations apply)
    2. Copy for Sales Page/video to Signature Event co-written (certain limitations apply)
    3. Copy for Description Page of 1-1 Signature Program co-written
    4. Copy for Free and Paid Products co-written (certain limitations apply)
    5. All other promotional pages can be written via additional fee. 

Phase 4: Projects Move From Development Stage To Successful Execution

This is where you go “live”—implementing your brand new business with strong accountability to me, as well as consistent feedback from me about marketing strategies and content delivery.  

    1. Practiced
    2. Delivered at least once, preferably twice
    3. Feedback and recalibration, as necessary
    1. Practiced
    2. Delivered at least once
    3. Feedback and recalibration, as necessary

Technology needs are guided: auto responder; merchant account; ebook cover design; website and logo design.

Phase 5: 
Delivering Programs as One of the Best Presenters in the World–Private In-Person Tutoring 

Again, do not be fooled by the single-line descriptions at the bullet points. Each is a project in itself and very comprehensive. 

    1. Learn how to deliver talks, marketing seminars and trainings as one of the best presenters/teachers on the planet at Secrets of Impact & Influence, my long-time public speaking training based on brain research on learning and memory.
    2. Learn to sell from stage as an Inspired Leader

To schedule a time to speak with me privately about the Immersion Program (which, again, begins with The Powerhouse Method(TM)) fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


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