The Fastest, Easiest and Most Successful
Way to Brand Your Expertise
You Will Ever Find.

Distinction is the answer to virtually all of your business problems.

Being provocatively unlike everyone else is the direct route to having a prosperous entrepreneurial business and to influencing so that you create change in the world.

But it’s even more important than that: being one-of-a-kind is the only status worthy of you and your work. It is simply a non-negotiable.

The very fastest, and truly unique, way to
fix your brand in the minds (and hearts)
of your audience is with a story.
But not any story.
A Thought Leader Story.

This story teaches and awakens. It puts forth a shatter-the-status-quo premise that no one else has. In the Powerhouse Method™, I refer to it as your Teaching Story, and is the culmination of our work together.

Nothing will ever separate you from your competition the way a one-of-a-kind Teaching Story will. Nothing will move you more authentically to the status of a Thought Leader. Andnothingwill establish you more distinctly in the minds of the market.

So, rather than being differentiated on such typical ho-hummers as “great customer service,” “attention to detail,” “really listening to a clients’ needs”—or the flash-in-the- pan fads, gimmicks and “attention-grabbing-bling”…YOU are known for a provocative, rattle-the-cages idea of substance.

And as someone here to help change the world—can it really be any other way?

It is also the secret weapon that will get you recognized so you help change the world.

But its purpose, first and foremost, is to make you money. So, it must connect powerfully with your market.

It must show them their problem in inescapable detail–problems they know they have and problems they don’t know they have. Then, it must inspire them to notice a potential they have never seen before and must offer a powerful “sling-shot” solution.

Your Teaching Story has a deliberate “arc”—one that pulls your audience through a roller-coaster of emotions to a final climactic finish of “a-ha!”

So, How Do You GET A Unique
Thought Leader Teaching Story

That Sets You Apart from Everyone Else and
Changes the World??
The fastest, most unique process you will ever experience for securing

your one-of-a-kind brand and the message you are known for. Guaranteed.


This work is done with me in only 7, 90-minute private sessions with interim assignments for you. It is completed in 9 weeks or less, at the client’s preference.

The Powerhouse Method™ is the proprietary formula I use to extract your unique brand identity and it leans on my expertise with language.

You get your original business identity by forming a series of concise messages that magically manifest a stand-apart business and the soul-inspired business you have been born to lead but cannot even imagine from where you sit right now. Here they are:

Because of these unique messages, and a powerful creative vortex that emerges as we work together, you will not only leave with a business brand unlike any other–but you will have a leadership message that will power your entire business empire and pave the way for you to start changing the world.

It is the most powerful and effective methodology you will experience to build a business brand or initiative from nothing (or rebuild it) into an irrepressible force.

I am confident that no other
program or consultant can get you
the results that this process produces.

In Just 7 Private Sessions, You Will Establish:

  • The best buyers (target market) for your services.
  • The best solution for those buyers (i.e. your most marketable offer).
  • Your one-of-a-kind “urgently wanted” business identity (a single identity that prospects will identify with and buy).
  • Your one-of-a-kind differentiation in the marketplace (different from everyone, not just those in your field).
  • The no-one-has-it-but-you Thought Leader Teaching Story that will inform all of your programs and initiatives.
  • A business that is the direct-expression of your purpose for being on the planet.
  • Yourself as a truly Inspired Thought Leader…
    And last but not least…
  • The solid brand identity worthy of your expertise, mission and experience.

You will leave with a solidly sculpted business that is superior in marketability, irresistibility and leadership-ability to anything you have now—and to most any business in the marketplace.

Without exception, all of my clients tell me, “I would never, ever have come up with this on my own.”

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No other branding technique will ever
be as memorable and influential
as a Thought Leader story that
and puts your target market right at the heart of it.

So…Are You Ready for Unlimited Business Success?

For a powerful, Inspired Thought Leader position in the marketplace?

For fulfilling your life’s purpose?

Delivering your message that will finally and truly effect change in the world?

Then don’t waste a single minute. You don’t have it. If you can budget a minimum of $1250/month for 3 months, get started on this process right now by arranging a private interview appointment with me. I will get to know your aspirations and answer all questions you have about how I can transform your business into an Inspired Thought Leader brand. You have nothing to lose. (If this is out of your budget range, I have a private, self-paced program for 1/3 the investment. Click here to read more.)

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”Those who tell the stories rule the world.”
—Plato, Greek Philosopher

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