The Fastest, Easiest and Most Successful Way to Brand Your Expertise
You Will Ever Find.

Distinction is the answer to virtually all of your business problems.

It is the answer to your vague and fuzzy articulation of what you do.
It is the answer to poor attendance on telecalls and other speaking events.
It is the answer to the uphill battle to get clients.
It is the answer to low opt-ins on your website.
It is the answer to uninterested prospects in your 1-to-1 sales conversations.
It is the answer to the pain of not fulfilling your life’s mission.

Being provocatively unlike everyone else is the direct route to making money
and to bending ears so that you create change in the world.

There are many experts out there claiming they set you apart, but they grab at
superficial measures: attributes, characteristics, features, “value propositions.”
“We are the ‘non-judgmental’ accounting firm” is just one I’ve heard recently.

Typical branding experts look at what you do and how you do it to see if they can
find something distinctive. But that’s not going to help if you’re a coach or consultant
who does what so many others do. And it’s NEVER going to be enough to have you
change the world!

The very fastest, and truly unique, way to
fix your business in the minds (and hearts)
of your prospects is with…a story.

A “thought leader” story. One they’ve never quite heard before that offers a unique solution, and awakens a higher potential within them.

This story teaches. It puts forth a premise that no one else has. And it’s yours and yours alone, grown from your expertise, unique perspective, and wisdom.

Nothing will ever separate you from your competition the way a one-of-a-kind Teaching Story will. Nothing will move you more authentically to the status of a thought leader. And nothing will establish you more distinctly in the minds of the market.

So, What Do You DO With This Unique
“Teaching Story”?

You use it to create the “star” of your business: your Signature Program.

Your Signature Program is your business’s “central magnet money-maker,” and what you are known for and can become famous on.

Done right, it is masterfully designed to satisfy their left brain with proof and support, engage their right, holistic brain that senses, feels and creates—and provoke a paradigm shift in their understanding. In other words, your Signature Program produces transformation.

So, rather than being differentiated on such typical ho-hummers as “great customer service,” “attention to detail,” “really listening to a clients’ needs”—or the flash-in-the- pan fads, gimmicks and “attention-grabbing-bling”…YOU are known for an idea of substance.

And as someone here to help change the world—can it really be any other way?

But Unique Ideas Are Few and Far Between.
And Few Entrepreneurs Know What a Good One Is,
or How to Go About “Getting One.”

Most ideas you see out there are superficial, cliché and me-too. The internet is busting with these.

There is no intrigue. No turn-the-head, raise-a-brow, impress-the-intellect thought leader idea that is actually unique.

You have too much at stake as a leader of change. You CAN’T offer what everyone else is! Or DO what everyone else does.

A Teaching Story will peel you away from the pack faster and more satisfyingly than any other differentiation strategy you will ever use. It will get you noticed by the brains of your market, in this overwhelming sea of sameness.

It is also the secret weapon that can make you famous and help you change the world.

But its purpose, first and foremost, is to make you money. So, it must connect powerfully with your market. It must show them their problem in inescapable detail–problems they know they have and problems they don’t know they have. It must show them the “villain” in their story, that they’ve never seen before. Inspire them to notice a potential they have never seen before and offer a solution that is a “slam-dunk” perfect solution for them. Your Teaching Story has a deliberate “arc”—one that pulls the prospect through a roller-coaster of emotions, to a final climactic finish of “a-ha!”

To make money, your Signature Program, your Teaching Story, must be highly marketable. And this is where virtually all coaches, consultants, and other experts fail. They don’t offer something their market urgently wants.

“Great stories happen to those who can tell them. ”
—Ira Glass, American public radio personality

So, How Do You GET A Unique Teaching Story
That Sets You Apart from Everyone Else,
Creates Your Star Money-Maker Program and
Changes the World??

You must first determine your one-of-a-kind business identity, THEN comes the “story” that only it—in its uniqueness—can tell.

You MUST first clearly establish:

  1. The single solution you are most qualified to provide and most passionate about.
  2. The perfect specific and narrow buyer of your solution.
  3. Their most urgent problem and greatest desire.
  4. Your irrefutable contention for them.
  5. Your tangible, specific, promised results.
  6. Your business’s mission.
  7. Your reason for being on earth (no less).

And last but not least

  1. Your leadership message.

Only These Powerful, Raw Elements
Can Develop Your Teaching Story
(and Set Into Motion Your
World-Changing Business Empire.)

No other branding technique will ever
be as memorable and influential
as an emotional story that
and puts your target market right at the heart of it.

”Those who tell the stories rule the world.”
—Plato, Greek Philosopher


The fastest, most unique process you will ever experience for securing
your one-of-a-kind brand and the message you are known for.

You can get your very own Teaching Story in just 7 private sessions with me–and leave with a solidly sculpted business that is superior in marketability, irresistibility and leadership-ability.

What It Is:

The Powerhouse Method™ is the proprietary formula I use to extract your unique brand identity and it leans on my expertise with language.

You get your original business identity by forming a series of concise messages that build on one another, magically manifesting a stand-apart brand and the soul-inspired business you have been born to lead, but cannot even imagine from where you sit right now.

Because of these unique messages, and a powerful creative vortex that emerges as we work together, you will not only leave with a business unlike any other–but you will have a leadership message that will power your entire business empire and pave the way for you to change the world.

Without exception, all of my clients tell me,
“I would never, ever have come up with this on my own.”

I am absolutely confident that no other
program or consultant can get you
the results that this process produces.

In Just 7 Private Sessions, You Will Have:

  • The very best market for your services. Your market is everything.
  • Your most marketable solution for that market—one that is “urgently wanted.”
  • Your highly original business identity that appeals instantly to your prospects.
  • Your one-of-a-kind differentiation (different from everyone, not just those in your field).
  • The no-one-has-it-but-you “Teaching Story” that will form all of your programs. To develop a truly compelling Teaching Story requires strong story-telling skills—as well as a firm grasp of curriculum design and group dynamics. YOU don’t have to have those skills; I have them for you.
  • Your inspirational leadership message that will also form your programs but even more, establish you as a leader of change.
  • A business that is the direct-expression of your purpose for being on the planet.

You can then go on to create your Signature Program and the rest of your world-changing business empire! (Or stay with me in the Immersion Program to get that done for you.)

Who Am I?

Every day, I work with visionary entrepreneurs to build unlimited-growth businesses that truly effect change in the world. To accomplish this, they must become leaders, but not just any leaders—inspired leaders.

So, I have them develop a provocative “inspired thought leader message” that then builds every product and program that follows: unique programs with unique premises that no one else is out there delivering.

I have successfully built many of my own truly original programs based on my leadership message. The first was my Signature Program, Secrets of Impact and Influence, a public speaking training  based on the latest brain research in learning, memory and emotion. I have extensive knowledge in this area and design the curricula of all of my programs, and the countless programs I’ve developed for my clients, using these cutting-edge methods of “teaching to the brain.”

My visionary clients attend Secrets of Impact and Influence and use its specialized content to deliver their programs better than virtually all other presenters and teachers.

Working with me is a progression: Excavating a leadership message; sculpting it into a recognizable and highly marketable business identity; building highly unique transformational programs that express that message; and delivering them with unparalleled power and impact as an inspirational leader.

I received my Bachelors of Science in Advertising and Marketing from F.I.T, and was certified in 2001 as a coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. Since then, I have built two successful businesses as an influential communication strategist and am especially excited to be working with business owners committed to changing the world.

I will change the world by ensuring that YOU do.

Over the years I have become
convinced that we learn best —and
change—from hearing stories that
strike a chord within us… Those in
leadership positions who fail to grasp or
use the power of stories risk failure for
their companies and for themselves. ”
— John Kotter, Harvard Business School
professor, and author Leading Change

 So…Are You Ready for Unlimited Business Success?

For fulfilling your life’s purpose? Delivering your message that will finally and truly effect change in the world?

Then don’t waste a single minuteYou don’t have it. Get started on this process right now by arranging a private interview appointment with me. I will get to know your business and its trouble areas and answer all questions you have about how this process can eliminate them. You have nothing to lose.

If you’re serious about improving your business in a quantum leap–just 7 sessions–simply fill out the contact form below and I will get back with you within 24 hours. (Please fill out this form only if you are able to invest, at minimum, $700/month to complete the program.) Thank you! I look forward to getting to know you!

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