Video Training: How to Use “The Sequence Secret” Right
PLUS- Avoid 6 of Your Worst Mistakes!

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Once you have used the Sequence Secret the way I tell you in the video, you will finally SEE the road ahead of you which will make you feel capable of navigating it!

But in each of the 6 phases, there are some sharp curves you are going to encounter. Let me share them with you.

  1. Phase 1: determining your right target market. Without this, you don’t HAVE a business. Get it wrong, you have a mess.
  2. Phase 2: writing compelling marketing copy. Most don’t have this skill and it is the difference between a business that makes money and one that does not.
  3. Phase 3: innocently designing an unmarketable, ho-hum Signature Talk—which is your major marketing tool. You have too much material, or your content fails to captivate. Truly fatal mistake.
  4. Phase 4: you easily make a small error in pricing your programs and funnels and lose sales.
  5. Phase 5: being unfocused and unstructured in your marketing–and thus inconsistent and invisible..
  6. Phase 6: failing to take daily consistent actions once your initial launch is complete. Everyone crashes if they don’t have a solid plan for daily action.

Naturally, I don’t want ANY of this for you.
So…I am short-circuiting each of these problems for you
in an invaluable next-step resource!!


Inside the secret vault are SIX of the closely guarded swap files
I share ONLY with my clients and students.

There is one template or worksheet for EACH
of the 6 phases of your business-building journey!!


  1. Worksheet #1 establishes your right and perfect target market. You’ve never gone through a process like this. Once you have your market, you will be SHOT out of a cannon with excitement because you’ll finally know who you’re meant for!
  2. Template #2 guides you through writing marketing copy. This is specific to your free optin, but will be useful for all of your copywriting needs.
  3. Worksheet #3 takes you step-by-step through developing material for your Signature Talk. I first developed this for my public speaking students, and now every client gets it who works with me to create their suite of programs.
  4. Worksheet #4 gives you a step-by-step process for determining the RIGHT PRICE for your programs. It’s a whole new way of thinking and will bring you a lot more money!
  5. Template #5 is a favorite! What is your ORGANIZED strategy for getting folks to your list-builders? My Marketing Wonder Wheel helps you sort this out. It is a template that allows you to layout, visually, your strategy for leading people to your list-builders. You’re going to find this indispensible when it comes to planning your marketing!!
  6. And last but not least—template #6 helps you with the one thing you will consistently do in your business: talk to groups of people. You cannot afford to be boring, uninspiring or old-school in your marketing presentations (or any!). The most LUCRATIVE action you can take for your business is to become a great presenter.

So, the final Swap File is information that is truly deep inside my inner vault: The 10 Factors of Rapid and Deep Brain-Based Learning.

What Would You GIVE to Steer Clear of the 6 Deadman’s Curves
in Building Your Business?

The Value is Priceless.
But your actual investment is just $12.

Why would I give my inner-vault templates away for $12?
Because $12 will get it into your hands.
I can’t risk having you give this up because the price feels too high for you.

So, get it into your hands!
Start taking the RIGHT journey—
with the DYNAMIC DUO of both the Sequence Secret AND the Secret Vault Swap Files!

Own your copy of these “insider” worksheets and templates and sail over the mistakes you’re likely to make for just $12!
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