“Lizabeth took me to places in my mind I never knew existed!” From email during process: “Wow! I read through the Messages document. It’s just incredible how everything has come together. Amazing!”

After 35 years in retail pharmacy, I came to Lizabeth with an entrepreneurial idea that wasn’t at all fleshed out and I had no clue how to talk about its value –or, frankly, if it even had value. Lizabeth was the right person! She took me to places in my mind I never knew existed! After just 7, 90-minute sessions of laser-focused investigation and creating, I now have a truly one-of-a-kind brand identity and all of the messages I need. I now can walk in and rattle off in seconds exactly what I do why that is invaluable to my market.

Lizabeth’s process is rigorous and not for the faint of heart—developing 9 messages that turn you into a Thought Leader—but it’s definitely for anyone who wants to be out there with a distinct image, distinct message, and unwavering confidence. Because of the PHM, I am prepared to capture immediate interest, earn instant credibility, articulate what my market wants better than they do, present my iron clad argument for what they have to do to succeed—and say it all in just a few words.

I am prepared with my unique “Teaching Story,” that reveals the mis-information my market’s been seduced by and why staying in it (as they are doing) will destroy their future—and what cutting-edge things the most successful pharmacists will be doing. This is my brand identity–my unique solution that I can now describe confidently and irresistibly.

And maybe most importantly, I can articulate why I am the ONLY one to hire and how what I do is unlike (and better) than *anyone else on the planet.*

Because of Lizabeth’s “powerhouse mind” I have a one-of-a-kind business brand AND the word-for-word Inspired Thought Leader messaging I need to promote and sell it. I could not have done this alone. LIzabeth, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being one-of-a-kind!

Keith LeBlanc

I bounced around for 30 years trying to find the right business for me!

Before working with Lizabeth, I was struggling with a complete lack of direction. I had far too many ideas for new businesses and lacked the core grounding to see which was marketable—and so I was stalled. Working with Lizabeth was not so much about the tactics of coming up with a tagline or a particular marketing sequence (although those were nice benefits, too) it was about getting to the core essence of who I am and how my particular gifts could serve the world around me.  At the end she drew everything together into a “Teaching Story” arc that was amazing. It pulled all the messages we had worked on, and everything I believe and want to tell, into a concise story I can use in a signature presentation and book. I bounced around for 30 years trying to find the right business for me. If you’re confused by all the possibilities in front of you and want to be a thought leader and a heart-centered entrepreneur, Lizabeth will set you straight!

Jim Verzino

“Lizabeth has a masterful ability to grasp what is at the core of individuals…”

Before I worked with Lizabeth, I was the author of a mountain of information that was very abstract and loosely organized; it was only making sense to myself, my students and a few versed and savvy people in my field.

She pushed me with questions that were so targeted and sharp that I had to give birth to far more of what I knew. She then brought a true mastery, dexterity and talent in gathering all this knowledge. She extracted the key concepts and compacted them into a condensed, very digested, clear, organized, coherent, elegant and “street-smart” final product. She helped me to identify only the strongest points of what I was bringing to the new paradigm to be birthed, and leave anything less behind. Then, she presented my teachings into a marketable “turn-key product” my market will not only understand, but be eager for .

I can safely say that only now, thanks to Lizabeth, my teachings and programs are fully coherent and essential. Lizabeth has a masterful ability to grasp what is at the core of individuals who want to birth new knowledge into the world. She can translate that knowledge into a language and a form that the world can receive—something I simply couldn’t do. Her mind is swift and concise, practical and concrete. And she will never hesitate to go the distance to serve and do the job in the best possible form that she can–and she can, believe me!

Natalie Kawai, Spiritual Teacher-Consciousness Coach

“She flushed out the deepest root of my existence on earth!”

Lizabeth Phelps’ The Powerhouse Method™ challenged me greatly. I came in unsure where to use my talents—really what my purpose was—but Lizabeth and her series of 9 very precise messages flushed out the deepest root of my existence on earth—and then shaped it into a brand identity I’m thrilled about! For years, my “WHAT” and “WHY” had been eluding me. As a successful business owner, wife, mother and grandmother who has travelled in 27 countries and participated in important not-for-profit initiatives, it was essential that I do something transformational in our society. Now, not only do I have a proprietary message and brand (The Braveheart Shift), I have a process all of my own for helping families find trust again. Lizabeth’s specific design, keen ability to ask incisive questions and boil things down to their root essence, stimulated me intellectually and unleashed my inner spirit! Everything I am is encapsulated in the work we accomplished. I am convinced it will shift people and societies. Lizabeth, thank you! You’re doing vital work for the inspired leaders of this world!

Naomi Carmona-Morshead, Valencia, California

“She’s the one to go to if you aspire to be an Inspired Leader with a powerful, truly unique message.””

I met Lizabeth in one of her brilliant “Facebook Adventure” programs and knew how skillful she was at crafting messages, branding and synthesizing ideas. I wanted to have a business identity that reflected my passions and personality, so I entered her private Powerhouse Method™ program. I don’t think either of us knew what we were getting into! I was unfocused, with countless ideas and a fear of choosing, but Lizabeth used masterful chiseling to whittle down what I was skilled at and most wanted to do. How could I take my dissimilar passions for “global connection,” storytelling” and “fair trade” and create something marketable from them, something unlike anything else–and something that was not a “coaching” business? It was a daunting task to say the least!Well, by combining Lizabeth’s extremely creative mind with a series of nine messages that rigorously sharpened my thinking and tapped my wisdom, we brought into view once completely unidentifiable business possibilities into view. But only one felt right and was most marketable. After 7 intense, meaningful sessions, I now have a one-of-a-kind business brand that brings together the ideas that matter most to me and offers my market of female corporate managers a chance they will jump at: to change their own lives and the lives of women across the globe. Wisdom-to-Wisdom is the new name of this “exchange-program” unlike anything else on the market, and I simply wouldn’t have it without Lizabeth.
If you want to make sure your dream, your project, or your program comes to fruition, I would say, “Hire Lizabeth!” She will never let you off the hook, nor will she allow you to wallow in any of your limiting beliefs that block your success. She’s the one to go to if you aspire to be an Inspired Leader with a powerful, truly unique message.

“The Powerhouse Method is the most powerful process I’ve ever experienced for designing a distinctively branded business!”

”When I first began working with Lizabeth, I had previously spent obscene amounts of money and time on programs that simply were not effective in shaping the unique, urgently wanted gifts I knew I had within me. Although I bared my heart and soul to countless coaches and consultants, I always ended up frustrated and disappointed, with few satisfactory results.

The Powerhouse Method is the most powerful process I’ve ever experienced for designing a distinctively branded business. I was pragmatically guided by Lizabeth to craft clear, concise and compelling messages that now form the one-of-a-kind identity I could never have imagined before working with her.
Lizabeth is an intrepid, inspired thought leader who requires you to dig deep to find your own powerful thought leader messages. She listens diligently until she hears the “brain-sticky” nuggets; then skillfully molds them into messages that are highly marketable. Her incredibly intuitive, creative and loving approach gently nudges you to remain vigilant until what you create is truly YOU.

The Powerhouse process was tremendously challenging and exhilarating. Yet, I’ve never been pushed beyond my limits in such a compassionate and caring way. Thank you Lizabeth, from the bottom of my heart!

Christine O’Dell, MA Founder, WE Just Jump Empowering women entrepreneurs to take daring, real-world action for unparalleled business success.

“You are brilliant! My seminar we revamped was the best it’s ever been; literally twice as good as it usually is. And, it was all because of the work you did.”

I couldn’t get away with it any more–relying on just my talent and good content alone. I was exhausted at the end of the day and my audiences weren’t getting the results that I wanted them to. Then I met Lizabeth who told me she could show me a system for “talking to the brain,” so that what you teach sticks. Truthfully, I was skeptical. But she was right. Boy did she help! I worked with her to revamp my workshops and–this is no exaggeration–100% of what I’m teaching now sticks. And, on top of that, I don’t get drained after a day of speaking anymore.

Michael Port, Book Yourself Solid

I am a mentor and coach to emerging women leaders in corporate and my desire

in working with Lizabeth, was to develop a thriving signature program. My primary struggle was that I had no clear message or defined point of differentiation that set me apart from everyone else in my field. As a result, my communication was fuzzy and I wasn’t distinctive enough to stand out at attract a constant flow of prospects.

Lizabeth’s process is nothing short of REMARKABLE. I love the way she personalizes every interaction based completely on your needs. There is not an ounce of a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach in her work. She is also a firm leader and coach who pushes you to take ownership for what you say want while guiding you through her unique brand transformation process. I have hired a ton of coaches in the past and Lizabeth is THE best experience that I’ve ever had. What I truly appreciate and value in her work is her uncanny ability to help you brilliantly define your place within your niche and OWN YOUR LANE instead of copying anyone else’s.

As a result of our work together, I now have a clearly defined brand that is an intimate part of who I am and what I stand for at my core—and a unique teaching story that I’ll be known for because no one else has it and that offers a transformational shift for my market.

Working with Lizabeth definitely stretched me outside of my comfort zone and made me think very expansively about the work that I do. I highly recommend her for anyone who is 1) ready to commit and do the work and 2) wants to create a completely original brand that you WILL NOT find anywhere else.

~Felicia Davis, Felicia Davis International, CrackingYourHonorCode.com, Developing women corporate leaders who change the face of leadership with radical integrity and daring.

Other experts I hired didn’t know how to draw out of me what Lizabeth drew out.

I just finished The Powerhouse Method™ with Lizabeth and I feel like a completely different person from who I was when I began. I was that business owner who had tried everything: written my own copy, hired someone else to write my copy, developed programs and tools, used other people’s programs and tools, and in the end was not very happy with where my business was. I have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars trying to build a business that was, in the end, unremarkable and barely scrimping by. And not because I didn’t try — because I didn’t know how. Other experts I hired didn’t know how to draw out of me what Lizabeth drew out. With patience, intuition, and a true “hold you by the hand” approach, she guided me (sometimes kicking and screaming) through difficult self-examination and into a truly one-of-a-kind brand differentiation I LOVE and had never seen myself! Now, my message is crystal clear, engaging, marketable, and expresses exactly who I am and what I want to do. No more wondering, no more wandering. If you talk yourself out of working with Lizabeth now, you will face the fact of needing her later.

~Michelle Kunz, www.pelcoaching.com, Freeing the powerful voices of women selling themselves out for love.

This is something I haven’t heard anybody say before, ever, in all of my years. I don’t see anything on the marketplace like this!

Working with Lizabeth Phelps and her Powerhouse Method™ has been BY FAR the best business development investment I have ever made. She coached me in creating a business brand and message so much greater and more profound than I ever could have imagined possible. It is FRESH; it’s not the run of the mill stuff you see everywhere. In fact, I haven’t heard anybody say it before, ever. There’s nothing like it on the marketplace. And it’s so empowering! Now, reading others’ statements about their businesses, along with my own feeble attempts previously to try to differentiate myself, everything seems so lame and small-minded. She busted me right through the ceiling into a brand identity I never would have come to on my own–never! And it is most definitely a direct expression of my life purpose and mission. Now, I get so excited when I talk about what I do! The unexpected by-product of our work is that now I am living the life I’m leading others to live! Thank you SO MUCH, for bringing this message through me!

~Linda Mickle, MSN, NP www.yourgreatbigjuicylife.com

She worked just as hard to produce inspired results!

I loved working with Lizabeth Phelps in the Powerhouse Method™. Before we began, I was offering a generic commodity to corporations, then (in the very first session!) Lizabeth identified the “theme” of my differentiation, then she led me through a methodical examination of what I believed in, what my unique skills were and how to articulate the value to a client of the offering we developed together. Now I have a precise, one-of-a-kind message that I love and believe in–and a much more powerful voice and valuable proposition for potential clients. I am much more confident as I move into the next phase of developing tools for my clients and my marketing materials. The work wasn’t always easy, but Lizabeth was right there with me and working just as hard to produce inspired results.

~Sarah Jack, MSW, Certified Professional Coach, www.coachsj.com

WOW – this is great stuff!! AWESOME!

Prior to working with Lizabeth Phelps in her Immersion Program, I was all over the place with my business. I had no clarity about my target market, what work I specifically wanted to do, or how to even begin. Within just a few sessions we narrowed my market and discovered what they urgently wanted–so my work could solve their specific problems. Soon, we had a unique brand identity that no one else has, that reflects me and my passion 100%, and concrete, concise messages to articulate it all.

Lizabeth then helped me create a unique Portal Program (an event to draw people into my business) and a totally one-of-a-kind Signature Program (my intensive one-on-one program). She created and edited all of the scripts for these programs, including the “selling from the platform” presentation AND the sales letters! Her direct style, high energy, and “we won’t stop until it’s perfect” attitude is beyond what I ever expected.

And then…taking all of the work we completed, all of the information she received from our consulting calls and putting it together into one cohesive package I described above–she helped me develop and edit my first e-book as an opt-in gift! Truly incredible!!

Lizabeth is amazing at asking the perfect questions to challenge you and get you to dig into your own truth. She is inspiring, creative and extremely intuitive. She helped me discover and create my very own personal and powerful message to inspire the world and other leaders. Thank you Lizabeth! I could not have done any of this without you.

~Kimberley Lachapelle MM, CPC, ACC; Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner; Founder/President MagnifySense LLC; www.magnifysense.com

My Signature Program is going to knock the socks off my market!

Working with Lizabeth was like having a great big flood light go on in my head. I started in a murky state of mind, unsure how to put my passions and skills into a cohesive package. I tried to be many things to many people. People closest to me could not describe what I do—because I didn’t know!

Now I know exactly what I do (and for whom) and get an immediate “I get it and I want it!” when I describe it to others! I have a clear, absolutely one-of-a-kind business brand, but so much more than that, I have a fully scripted (by Lizabeth) 90-minute, transformational “feeder” program to my Signature Program, complete with sales presentation; a scripted 1-day Signature Program that is going to knock the socks off my market; my opt-in gift for my website; and marketing copy written by Lizabeth, which took my breath away when I read the opening lines.

Lizabeth is in a category all her own. She is meticulous, completely hands-on, and over-delivers and then some. She has an amazing gift of drawing out the very best in her clients and creating a business perfect for them. I am out of the shadows and so excited to do what I was put here to do!

~Kathy Kane, www.kanecreativeconsulting.com

We created the foundation of a movement!”

I have to tell you that I could barely sleep last night. I am so excited about what we have come up with. It’s full of my passions. This feels so RlGHT ON for me. Thank you!” I just completed Lizabeth’s Power House Method. It was the most powerful program I’ve experienced. Lizabeth was truly an expert at drawing from my soul the purpose that I just couldn’t quite put my finger on. Together we formulated precise, concise messages that eloquently brought together everything I have ever done throughout my life into a transformative business…that will become a movement.

We developing my Business Thesis, which was unbelievably clarifying, and uncovered my Meta Message, which was thrilling. Lizabeth knew exactly how to pull from my very soul the vision I have for my fellow humans and together we created its concise expression. Then, she had me write my Teaching Story, based on the other messages—and that solidified everything. I am now fully confident that what I do is a pure expression of who I am. I could have never have moved through this process without Lizabeth. Thank you doesn’t quite express the gratitude I feel, but thank you!

–Michelle Lee, www.AthenaRisingNow.com Freeing teen girls and their mothers from ancient cultural programming to become the leaders they were born to be.

Lizabeth is the Inspired Leader.

Over the past thirty years, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the “pioneers” and “name brands” in the fields of leadership development, empowerment training, team building and inspirational/motivational speaking. Lizabeth can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any of them. She has the uncanny ability to draw out the very best of whomever she works with. She is the Inspired Leader.

I was lucky enough to experience the one-of-a-kind Facebook Adventure she did in December 2012, so I saw her, for 31 straight days, model leadership; like a leader of bygone times, she stepped to the frontlines and lead each one of us by example. She is unyielding in her dedication to her craft, demanding the best of herself and inspiring the best in others. She is as relentless as a pit-bull (and I say that with utmost reverence). She doesn’t back down or back off until her client or students achieve the very best results. Yet somehow, she does it all this with a sensitivity and compassion that exposes her profound caring, which is how she created a bond with all of us of deep trust and commitment.

In the past, I’ve participated in live, in person experiences of self-discovery designed to test one’s mettle–such as firewalking, sweat lodges, wilderness vision quests, fire ceremonies and a host of others. What Lizabeth designed for the Facebook Rite of Passage Event was often as intense, probing, challenging and rewarding as any real events I had gone through. I had no idea that could be done in the virtual world with such power and grace.

But that is what she does – she takes the unlikely, sometimes the impossible, and cuts a path through it, mentoring her tribe every step of the way. I am grateful to know her and fortunate to be able to develop and embody my strengths, talents and capabilities through her expert leadership and guidance.

~George Herrick Recovery Coach, Certified Master Life Coach, georgeherrick.com

Our sessions were, by far, the most inspired I have experienced.

My time with Lizabeth had an unexpected outcome, but I want to tell you about her. Our time together in The Powerhouse Method™ was extremely beneficial and cathartic. I’d been struggling, for the better part of two years, to see whether I could make a viable business of the spiritual teachings that I follow. I had tried one method after another to drill it down, and could not find a pathway to viability.

Our work together was of a different nature. I’m so taken with Lizabeth and her approach. In a world of countless “lookalikes”, she stands head and shoulders above. Our preliminary steps opened a new world to me. For the first time, I could see that my work was viable as a marketable business. I can’t tell you how fulfilling it was to know this in every fiber of my being. I’d been striving, and was unwilling to give up on the business until I found out, one way or another, whether it was real or not. Lizabeth made it real, by bringing threads together in a remarkable way, to develop a unique, no-one-else-out-there-was-doing-it brand…and, ironically, coming to this brought a completion to the process. I found that a business of this nature is not my dharma; it is enough for me that it is my private spiritual practice. Now, I’ve been able to use all of that freed up energy that was keeping me stuck for years to very quickly re-develop my real estate investing business. Great things are happening.

This is not a small thing to me. I’m deeply grateful to Lizabeth for her absolute dedication to the deep exploratory work we did together. I loved our calls together. They were, by far, the most inspired I have experienced.

~Steven Manus, West Rock Enterprises, San Jose, California

“I was simply unable to find the right teacher until you came along.”

Wow! Words cannot describe the transformation that has occurred for me in the short time I’ve worked with Lizabeth in creating my Powerhouse message! I am delighted with the results you’ve delivered … getting crystal clear on my target market, my business thesis (and how I’m different than everyone else out there, which in itself is huge!), lots of great language for my marketing materials and finally, the Powerhouse message itself. The work we’ve done together here was what I’ve needed for a long time and was simply unable to find the right teacher until you came along. I love it, love it, love it! You are amazing and your process worked like a charm.

~Teresa Aziam, AZIAM International

“It was like a business-in-a-box just for me.”

I am soooo excited that I now can focus on my entire new business purpose based on Lizabeth’s proprietary “Powerhouse Method” process. Lizabeth had to really dig deep to get me to realize what I felt soulfully connected to. Her process captured my aspirations, imagination and my creativity. Lizabeth made it happen, my own unique “Secret Formula” system that I will be teaching to my market. WOW – I now know the packages to offer to my prospects—and what that includes, plus the duration, and pricing. It was like a business-in-a-box just for me. For this I give deep thanks. I am sooo impressed with Lizabeth.

~Donna Ward, BSBM, Certified Business Client Builder

“You are brilliant!”

Lizabeth, I did the 2-day Book Yourself Solid Seminar this week and it was the best it’s ever been. It literally was twice as good as it usually is. And, it was all because of the work you did. You are brilliant!”

I couldn’t get away with it any more–relying on just my talent and good content alone. I was exhausted at the end of the day and my audiences weren’t getting the results that I wanted them to. Then I met Lizabeth Phelps who told me she could show me a system for “talking to the brain,” so that what you teach sticks.

Truthfully, I was skeptical. But guess what? She was right. Boy did she help! I worked with her to revamp my workshops for two months and–this is no exaggeration–100% of what I’m teaching now sticks. And, on top of that, I don’t get drained after a day of speaking anymore. In fact, I no longer consider myself a mere “speaker.” Lizabeth has taught me how to be an Experience Maker.

~Michael Port, Book Yourself Solid

“We did more in 90 minutes than I could have done in a month.”

I have already told 2 people just this morning how powerful your way of creating a Business Thesis is. I would never have been able to be so bold, figure out the contentions and basis for my business without you, your system and your wonderful insightful way of working with people. You are amazing. We did more in 90 minutes than I could have done in a month…I would not have come to the same end thinking without you and your system. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

~Carol Walkner

“I now have a Signature Program that people will be running for.”

I thought I had a great program before Lizabeth helped me, but I soon realized that the program was not at all the best. I now have a Signature Program that people will be running for. In one month, Lizabeth gave me so much clarity on my core message (she got me to figure this out in only 20 minutes-wow!), the thesis that I base my complete new program on, and a great Portal and Signature Program. You need to get her Meta message and Thesis exercise to get the clarity in your business. But most importantly you need to get her “transformational arc” to create transformation in your programs, and her program design exercise—that I’ll use over and over and over again to design all of my future programs. And she always has the greatest ideas! Lizabeth is also so efficient; I can’t believe how fast we accomplished all of this! She is truly an expert at this! Thank you so much for the incredible added value to me and my business.

~Isabelle Denis, Financial Strategist Expert

“My work with you has been invaluable!”

The work I did with your unique content as well as coaching style established the rock solid foundation for achieving my life mission through my business.

~Joy Masuda

“Your program made a significant change in my life.”

A year after working with you on the “12 Sentences” of my business, I wanted to tell you that it made a significant change in my life. I use these sentences so much to promote my program and my book From Fear to Eternity.” You challenged me to clarify, and make what I did understandable to the average person, and through it all, I felt your caring and passionate desire to have me genuinely and accurately express what I do! And in the end, I was able to! And the fact that you actually read and provided feedback on every part of the writing until it was perfect was unheard of and must have taken you a ton of time. I know of no other coach who does that in any program. Lizabeth, here’s to another decade of successfully transforming visionary leaders! Thank you so much.

~Dianne Harding

To sum up Lizabeth in a few words: 
Masterful, compelling, inspiring, irresistible message-writer!

~Sue Rhomberg, Legacy Coach

“I have dramatically extended my own reach.”

In working with Lizabeth to transform my boutique chef’s business to a seminar and coaching business, I learned the importance of building community through an ongoing event that would allow me to involve interested parties as fast as I could meet them. Four months out, this has resulted in invitations to meet some of the world’s most respected authorities in my field, to meet with investors who focus specifically on new enterprises in my field, and to travel to a conference where many VIPs whom I have long wanted to meet convene. By conducting these events using Lizabeth’s exact protocol, I have not only obtained the significant cooperation of members, but have dramatically extended my own reach to enter a territory I thought was light years away.

~Elatia Harris, New Generation Chefs

“I LOVED this report.”

I worked with you a few years ago. I LOVED this report. Your emails are one of the few I haven’t unsubscribed from. You are truly a gifted leader in your field. I enjoy your writing and have followed your adventure into the video’s you’ve shared with us.

~Heather Hayward, CHT Life Strategies Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist

“Great presentation at the ICF-CT!”

Your content is filling, like a great, rich and thick, well-herbed stew. What captured me, though, was your energy – I feel like if I watched your gig as a silent movie, the joy and excitement would still have vibrated through and been equally inspiring! My vision is to be my own authentic version of that.

~George Herrick, Certified Master Life Coach, Recovery Coach

“I have NEVER gained as much value as I did from
your presentation yesterday!”

I want you to know how incredibly impressed I was with your teleconference on 8/16/11. I was one of your cheerleaders and was delighted to have a chance to participate so actively. I have listened to numerous teleconferences/webinars and have NEVER gained as much value as I did from your presentation yesterday.

~Becky Sansbury, M.Div. becky@beckysansbury.com

“You’re a blessing!”

“Secrets of Impact & Influence was beautifully structured to make any talk easier to develop, practice and deliver. It was led with the best of brain-science research and with heart by Lizabeth Phelps. A terrific experience for those who feel strongly they have more to give and gain by speaking from the stage, and perhaps especially for the shy or introverted or highly intellectual—or those with a puritanical upbringing they wish to shed! Thank you very much, Lizabeth! You’re a blessing!”

~Andrea Lee, Thought Leaders International

“A whole different model of presenting…”

Secrets of Impact & Influence is a whole different model of presenting that wakes up the senses, engagement, results and impact for anyone and any audience. And more, Lizabeth herself models the wonderful tools and practices making it all “stick.” I will put them to immediate use in my talks and teleseminars.

~Janet Goldstein, Publishing and Strategy Consultant

Lizabeth’s public-speaking “Experience” is without question the best training I have ever had. All of her teachings have been a sea change for me!

~Dean Speirs, Attorney, California

“Mind-blowing and inspirational…”

“This seminar is everything it promised to be. Informative, mind-blowing, inspirational and exceptional. The content offers a completely different perspective on how the brain, mind, person learns. The most profound, life-changing challenge to come into my life in a very long time! Do it!”

~Filip Everaert, Technology Consultant, Everaert Group

“Lizabeth is at the top of this game!!”

“In a word, this event is unparalleled! Lizabeth positively nailed the missing pieces that shift already-powerful presentations into transformational Experiences. My future audiences owe a debt of gratitude for SII! Masterfully executed, brilliantly presented and thoroughly entertaining. Lizabeth is at the top of this game!! If you are a speaker and want to be an Experience-Maker, run, don’t walk, to the next SII!
 (9 months later)Hey Lizabeth, I am working on preparing an “Experience” for survivors and caregivers this spring and am so happy and grateful that I had the amazing fortune of attending Secrets of Impact and Influence. What I do now is SOOOO much better because of the system you taught us. I am seriously, seriously, seriously grateful to you, Lizabeth. This stuff is incredible!

~George Kansas, ICanSir Trainer and Author of Jumper Cables for the Soul

“Lizabeth delivered in spades!”

“We were promised a life-changing experience that would challenge our dearly-held notions about “public speaking” and Lizabeth delivered in spades! Her energy, creativity and ingenuity kept us on the edges of our seats (and dancing, singing and celebrating all of our triumphs!) All in the name of learning an amazing new presentation technique. The two days were far from easy; we were pushed out of our comfort zone, but the result is that I am leaving a far more confident and inspired business owner who has an incredible new tool!! I can’t wait to share it!!”

~Lisa McComsey, Writer, Editor, Marketing Consultant

“This training is a powerful and explosive experience…”

“This training is a powerful and explosive experience that can skyrocket you forward. If you apply what you learned, you can take your presentations to a level that others don’t even know exist. You also have the opportunity to allow a transformation on a personal level, if you open your arms and embrace the entire experience. Not only to your audiences deserve to have you give to them much more fully and smartly, but YOU deserve to have it be simple for YOU to do. And this is! Thank you, Lizabeth!”

~Kim Switnicki, Sex and Intimacy Educator

“I knew that this was the place I had to be!”

“When I heard the preview call for this event, I knew that this was the place I had to be. Lizabeth delivered everything she promised and more! I have been teaching workshops for over ten years. Now, I will be creating Experiences that are not only fun but will ensure that my students walk away knowing more, feeling confident and happy that they invested their time and money! I now have so much more to give and the tools to do it with! Thank you, Lizabeth!”

~Lesley Riley, Artist’s Coach

“She is teaching what no one else is teaching.”

“Lizabeth is absolutely masterful. I have been to many seminars and presentations but I have NEVER experienced this kind of effectiveness. She is teaching information that is “gold,” that no one else is teaching. Anyone who is in the coaching or presenting field needs to take this class! It should be a pre-requisite for anyone getting on stage! I feel that I learned and retained this information WAY more than any other seminar I have been to. Also, Lizabeth is one of the very, very few who is able to push people beyond their limits.”

~Laura Demeo, Social Media and Marketing Consultant

“This seminar is your gift to yourself to finally get your message out!”

“Have you ever wanted to share your message with the world but were afraid to do so, or didn’t know where to start? This seminar is your gift to yourself to finally get your message out! You will gain the know-how, put it to practice, and walk out with your own message ready to deliver! As a bonus, you meet great entrepreneurs, learn from them and have so much fun in the process!!”

~Annemieke De Wilde, Physician

“Wow, this was mind-blowing!”

Thank you, Lizabeth, for instilling the awareness of how important ‘process’ is. The ‘ahas’ were constant. Wow, this was mind-blowing!”

~David Lipman, Executive Benefits Planner, Northeast Planning Corp.

“I would tell anyone to make this leap!”

Secrets of Impact and Influence was worth WAY beyond what I gave up to attend. More than the money I paid, the time away from clients, and my family. I would tell anyone to make this leap. It will not only transform your business, it will transform you. I know now that I can lead with power and engagement and that that is TRULY ME!!

~Lesley Allen, Practice Management Consultant

“I suggest you run, not walk, to this event!”

Unbelievable, is the only way I can describe the experience I had at the SII 1- day event. I was a little nervous about investing in airfare, hotel and car rental just for one day’s worth of training. However, it was well worth the investment of time and money! If you have to influence anyone in your career, be it in group settings or one-on-one I would like to suggest that you run not walk to Lizabeth’s 2-day event.”

~Mark Weisenburger, Wellness Center Coaching, Utah

“Absolute must-attend event”

“This is the absolute must-attend event for anyone who is serious about speaking in public. Once you go through this incredible day, you’ll never sit through another boring presentation without knowing how unnecessary it is–how much better it can be done. Your own presentations will never be the same. Your audiences will thank you from the bottom of their hearts for using the tools to inspire them, entertain them and educate them in a way that leaves them wanting more…and more…of all you have to offer! Just what Lizabeth promises will happen! Sign up. Sign up NOW! You owe it to yourself and everyone!!”

~Colleen Keenan, Certified Action Coach, New Jersey

“Absolutely game-changing”

Secrets of Impact & Influence is absolutely game-changing. Lizabeth’s ground-breaking techniques, her spirit and seemingly limitless energy truly do inspire you to create and deliver outstanding “Experiences” in service of others

~Maria Van Hekken, Leadership & Career Coach, Yes2Yes.com, Pennsylvania

“This is the value of the…CENTURY!”

Lizabeth puts it all together in a way that no one else does. I have attended loads of “how to give presentations” events, and only the best of them included a fraction of what Lizabeth covers–and for A LOT more money! This is the value of the decade–heck, the CENTURY!

~Trish Lambert, 4R

“My technical material is INTERESTING now!”

Awesome, awesome, awesome learning experience! I feel so inspired! Lizabeth has shown me how to take very dry, technical material and make it interesting and even fun!

~Debbie O’Grady, DLO Consultants, LLC, Florida

“The tools are priceless!”

As a fairly seasoned speaker, I found this a wonderful program. The tools are priceless, including giving participants a “stake” in the information so they find value at every turn and ongoing enthusiasm. The most entertaining and information-packed speaker is useless without retention. Lizabeth shows you precisely how to get it! Thank you!

~Marcia Hanhart, Certified Action Coach, New Jersey , NJ

“You’ll leave changed forever!”

This course is priceless to anyone–not only those involved in public speaking–but anyone who ever needs to teach anything! The benefits will filter through every area of life. You’ll leave this seminar changed forever! Thanks, Lizabeth!!!

~Luann Allen, www.Successfanatic.com, Florida

“Lizabeth’s energy is infectious!”

“Secrets of Impact & Influence is high-energy, experiential and fun! I learned the structure for effective presentations and how to inject emotional content into them for exceptionally high impact. Lizabeth’s energy and commitment is infectious. I learned about my strengths and weaknesses as a speaker and was inspired to play out of my comfort zone and take risks in a very safe environment, so I could be much more natural in front of an audience. Thank you!”

~Katrina Ogilby, Center for Leadership Coaching

“Will dramatically transform the way I conduct seminars!”

Lizabeth is a great presenter, very passionate, energetic and committed to inspiring her audience. This Experience was very well-organized, very inspiring, practical and fun! She used an integrative, multi-sensory, compassionate, innovative approach to learning and change and taught a powerful set of tools and techniques that I expect will dramatically transform the way I conduct seminars in the future. I highly recommend this course!

~Philip Friedman, Ph.D, Foundation of Well-Being, Pennsylvania

“You’ll leave forever changed.”I

If you want your customers to want more from you, tell others about you, and come back for more–then you MUST experience this transformational “Experience.” You will discover breakthroughs in captivating an audience that will leave a lasting imprint on you and your audiences. You will leave changed forever.

~Scott Warner, The Sapient Connection LLC, New Jersey

“This course is an absolute must for the solo-service provider!”

Before taking “12 Sentences,” I had an idea about what made me different, but I was worried no one would “get it”. And what I realized in this course was that I had to get it first! And this course forced me to not only clarify what I do, simply and succinctly, but had me “proving it” with a killer “business thesis.” Before the course, I wanted to be all things to all people, to make sure I had the biggest pipeline possible. After the course, I learned that the reason I couldn’t effectively advertise or market was because I had no clear target or differentiating business “edge” and had never sat down to think about them in a concrete way until I KNEW every corner of it. This course is an absolute must for the solo-service provider! You’ll get down, get dirty and emerge triumphant, holding the seeds of your business in the palm of your hand with such force, passion and clarity, that you can sell it to EXACTLY who needs and wants it and be assured of success.

~Maureen Riley, President, PurelyVital and Co

“Lizabeth is a true master of words!”

Before the 12 Sentences program, I struggled with being all things to all people. I was very general and had difficulty being sure that what I was focusing on what “right.” The Strategic Inquiries Manual causes you to think through your business vision and focus you on what you want to create in the world with your business. The 12 sentences helps to focus your efforts; they are a powerful tool for any–every–business owner. This is a must-do process if you are beginning a business or wish to take your business to the next level. And Lizabeth is a true master of words, and shows you step by step the path to clarity in your business message. I honestly feel like I stole from her! She gave so much!

~Julie Fuimano, Women’s Assertiveness Coach & Author

“Lizabeth is a super-genius in her field!”

12 Sentences clarified the vision I have for my life tremendously, placing the puzzle pieces perfectly together. It helped me clearly define everything about my business, without missing a single thing. I now have a crystal-clear business vision (something I had worked on several times before with other programs, but was still unclear); business mission; target market; business “thesis” (very cool!) and finally my unique, differentiating edge! Lizabeth is a super-genius in her field. She can help anyone who is unsure, hesitating, or struggling with their business and wanting to get to the other side of the mountain. And I am grateful beyond words that she guided me to my “Core Message”! It has given me my voice back. I know now “who I am” and what I am here to REALLY do! I am finally starting my life at 57 years old! Amen! Aju! Thank you, Lizabeth for responding to your life calling!

~Joy Masuda, Health Consultant

“No course has come even close to delivering these tangible results!”

I truly have never met another teacher as brilliant as Lizabeth. This course made a profound impact on my thinking and ability to clearly articulate my business. Lizabeth has a unique ability to extract information from you that you don’t even realize you know or need to know! And the most invaluable benefit was her edits! She made each of my 12 sentences ultra “brain-sticky”—which was absolutely priceless. I would never have been able to achieve the same level of results without her writing expertise. I have taken many classes, seminars, and workshops in my lifetime; there is no other course that has come even close to delivering the tangible results that 12 Sentences has. Everything was unparalleled and exceeded all expectations. I went from having very little clarity to knowing exactly what my business’s identity is and how to describe it concisely—an accomplishment few service professionals will ever achieve without this course. Thank you so much!

~Laura DeMeo, Cross the Finish Line Social Media

“I’ve been trying for decades to get what I got in a few short months!”

Before I started 12 Sentences, I was all over the map as far as describing what I did in my business; I had a broad target market, no distinct differentiation or core message. Today, thanks to Lizabeth´s amazing teaching materials, her constant guidance through her fabulous edits, empowering consults, and teleclasses, I have absolute clarity in all areas of my business and a very clear map to follow. I cannot imagine getting to this level of clarity without her expert guidance. I know! I’ve been trying for decades to get what I got in a few short months! It was the best money I have spent on courses all year and saying the bill is close to $10,000 on courses over the last 12 months, I could have saved myself thousands of dollars and just done Lizabeth´s course. How I wish I had!

~Jan Janzen, Breast Health Expert

“The questions with Lizabeth’s expert insight and feedback
 was an invaluable experience!”

Before I started the 12 Sentences program, I was neither focused nor compelling in describing my business’s value proposition. I was not clear on my target market nor on what was unique and different about my business. The questions in the Strategic Inquiries Manual were extremely valuable, having me think through my business at a level of detail I had never previously considered. I fully understand and appreciate the importance of differentiation but did not have a step by step process to develop it. The combination of thinking through the questions and having Lizabeth’s expert insight and feedback to what I wrote was an invaluable experience. Lizabeth maintains a careful balance of being challenging, encouraging and supportive in the process. As a result, I would recommend this process to anyone starting a business or wanting to gain more clarity on what it’s about.

~Cheryl Ellis, Business Coach

“Lizabeth’s weekly editing is outstanding and critical.”

I recently completed the 12-Sentences Course. If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve thought I had just received my graduate degree in archaeology; that’s how deeply you must “dig” on a routine basis. Having a framework for your business is one thing, but Lizabeth astutely and intensely delves into areas that all business owners need to probe in order to gain immense clarity and understanding—but never do! Vital and relevant topics are fully covered, particularly how to differentiate from others. Lizabeth’s weekly editing is outstanding and critical. I would heartily recommend this course to service entrepreneurs looking to carve out their unique niche and then speak about it concisely so people want it and buy it! Upon completion of this course, I feel as if I’ve undergone a major transformation.

~Rich Goldberg, Coach for Divorced Dads

“Lizabeth is a master at extracting from you what 
your hidden treasure really is.”

Before starting Lizabeth’s 12 Sentences program, I thought I knew WHAT I wanted to do and HOW I was going to deliver that for my target market. I also thought I knew who my target market was and why I was offering my particular service. It wasn’t long into the Strategic Inquiries Manual, with Lizabeth’s careful probing and feedback, that my eyes were opened. You have no idea what you don’t know about yourself, your target market, your differentiation, and about how will be valuable to your customers–until you have gone through those 9 Inquiries! Lizabeth is a master at extracting from you what your hidden treasure really is and what makes your business service priceless to your customers. Writing the sentences is an invaluable experience. You cannot appreciate the power you will feel until you have concisely described the essence of your business! You will also benefit tremendously from Lizabeth’s prowess with “brain-sticky” words your customers will understand and remember. If you want to experience the emotional high and extreme confidence that comes with being able to crisply articulate your business identity, then you MUST partner with Lizabeth.

~Scott Warner, President Accelerated Persuasion

“NOT taking this sooner has cost me at least $80,000 in revenues in the last year alone.”

If you are wondering if this course is for you, you need to read this! For me, this course is the key to discovering your true business identity. For over a year I tried different things, and cast around trying to find a way to describe myself and to assemble my programs and I was completely unable to do it – even with the help of some of the top coaches in the country. Lizabeth changed all of that. Within 3 weeks, I knew who I was and what I most wanted to do– something that had been completely eluding me. I came out of “12 Sentences” with complete direction, knowing that I could honestly tell the world what I do, with the ability to back it up with my programs. I can’t put a price on what I got out of this course. I CAN tell you that not taking it sooner has cost me at least $80,000 in revenues in the last year alone. Thanks, Lizabeth!

~Luann Allen , Wealth Designer www.successfanatic.com

“This was by far the best business class I’ve ever taken.”

It helped me to hone exactly what I do, why I do it and whom I do it for, giving me the confidence to stand in front of anyone and with crystal clarity and speak persuasively to them about my business. 12 sentences is a must for anyone beginning a career as a solopreneur because it brings your right to the ground level to build the structure of your business. It clears away the uncertainty and puts you straight on the road to success. Lizabeth is also a fountain of energy and creativity and her priceless input helped me to think about my business in an entirely new way.

~Aharon Amore, Life Coach for Teen Males

“This course has exploded my clarity.”

“I can’t tell you enough to stop trying to figure out this kind of information on your own! A lot of entrepreneurs get stuck because they aren’t really clear about what they do or how to articulate that. This course has exploded my clarity and has given me a deeper level of ease and understanding of what it is I really do and how to best communicate that. Take it from me, you need to invest in this course before you do anything else. It has shifted my business deeply and I am in deep gratitude to Lizabeth and this amazing course she has designed! If you are committed to the growth and health of your business, get ahead of the curve and register for “12 Sentences!”

~Joshua BenAvides, HHC, Raw Foods Health Coach www.BenavidesCoaching.com

“Lizabeth’s material is a must for all business owners!”

The 12 Sentences are such a powerful path to clarity and articulation, it makes everything you do in your business fall into place. Don’t leave home without it! The sense of strength I feel in writing and speaking about my work has doubled. What a gift.

~Mary McHenry, Co-Founder, Thrive for Success, LLC

“I have never, in such a short time, received such wonderful value.”

The 12 Sentence program delivers beyond expectations. If you want your business to have a single message, and you want that message to reach your audience in a way that they can’t resist, you must attend this event. It is a MUST for your professional and personal success, to identify, clarify and deliver the message that is uniquely you! Lizabeth’s clarity, laser coaching and commitment to my success was the gold of this program, and with the workbook, audios and guidance we received, I now have a process I can use with every project I create. It is intense, authentic and fun, and the take-away’s extend far beyond your professional life. Lizabeth’s process for clarifying action is invaluable and repeatable. I have never, in such a short time, received such wonderful value.”

~Candace Molowe, Spiritual Coach, candace@spiritedlifecoaching.com

“She gave so much, it blew me away.”

I am so grateful to Lizabeth’s persistence and demand to not expect anything less then the best from us. She gave so much in this program that it blew me away. I wholeheartedly agree that this is a pivotal and essential process for a new business starting out to take (and one much more seasoned.) What I learned is that YOU absolutely must get clarity around what you do and how you do it to make the money you desire to make. Before I took this course I was struggling how to clearly express the “promise” of my upcoming book “Destiny of Power”. I knew what I wanted to say and the importance of my message but it was all over the place. After working with Lizabeth, I have much greater clarity around my promise and am excited to begin the promotion of the course that ties in with my book—and everything else I have planned for my future! This is a must-take class!

Monique Gallagher, Personal Development Coach

“I believe this course is the critical step necessary for building a business.”

Prior to taking this course, I had so much difficulty describing what I do and my program. Now that has totally changed. I can now concisely express what my program is, the benefits, how it is different from other programs, and more. I believe this course is the critical step necessary for building a business. Now, I look forward to opportunities for talking about what I do with others.

Maurine Patten, EdD, CMC www.PattenCoaching.com

“My [work] with Lizabeth Phelps was/is a God-send!”

Before I found the Powerhouse Method (PHM) I was basically at a standstill in my efforts to develop a marketable leadership program. I spent many years gathering materials and preparing technically to launch a spiritually based coaching program. However, I continued to find myself at a loss as far as the next steps to complete the development and successful launch of my program.

My participation in the PHM program with Lizabeth Phelps was/is a God-send in that it enforced a structured approach to the development and launching of my program. This program ties all of the loose ends of your essential message and results in a focused program that is tailored for the most success.

The PHM is very thorough and rigorously detailed enough to the details of your brand as well as a conceptually tight and marketable program. I would strongly recommend the PHM for anyone that is working on developing any type of Leadership/Training program.

Walter Watson
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