Session 4 of 8 with 2 Financial Coaches: The Signature Program!

In the last session of this 8-session consultation where I
help two financial coaches Get Clients With a Signature
Program that Sells AND Transforms
, I saw what M&M’s
“brand concept”
could be—a teaching point that would
differentiate them from every other financial coach (and
everyone period, actually). It was a 3-phase ineffective
communication cycle that was the root cause of financial
for couples who’d been married over eight years.

In this 4th session, we dive very deeply into their signature
seminar event. In fact, I create, point-by-point, M&M’s entire
90-minute portal seminar, using the “Transformation Arc,”
where the couples experience the “ick” they’ve been wading
through for years—an essential part of transformation. We
entitle the program, Feast or Famine: Breaking a Couple’s
Secret Cycle of Financial Breakdown.

In this session, I teach M&M the transformational coaching
I used to use with my clients when I was a personal
growth coach to shift them immediately from one fixed way
of thinking to a completely new, empowered one. This, of
course, is necessary for couples who have been cycling
through these 3 phases of ineffective communication: they
have been rooted in one way of thinking—for instance, the
thought that my spouse will kill me if tell him I just spent
$900 on the kids’ clothes—and must move into another one
that is just as true, but far healthier for the family and their
financial future.

So, in this transformational seminar, not only do M&M teach
the couples what the 3-phase communication cycle is–
creating an awareness they will never be able to forget– but
also how to get out of it, by using this coaching tool to instantly
“boot” them into new beliefs about communicating with
their spouse.

Once the couple moves through this transformation tool,
they can never go back to the Feast or Famine Communi-
cation Cycle. They’ve been changed forever. Armed
now with tools for changing how they communicate, their
couples are ready to look at the next cause of their financial
struggles: budgeting and reducing debt.

Believe it or not, we accomplish the design of their program
quite quickly in this session (I’ve had tons of experience!)
and move on to some very practical issues, namely how to
repurpose” the teaching concept in this portal
. “This teaching should be in everything you do,”
I tell M&M. Breaking the Secret Cycle of Financial Breakdown
should be the topic of their opt-in report, what their YouTube
videos, ebook, articles, blog posts—all of their marketing and
promotional material—should focus on. This is why I call it a
“brand concept.” And we spend some time detailing what those
items will be.

So what about you? Do you have a single, powerful
teaching concept
that could become your brand? Have you
given thought to your signature program—and what the root
cause of your market’s main problem is?

Remember, next Tuesday, October 19th, you can
eavesdrop-in on all of these sessions when I release
the 8-Session CD set. Hear every juicy detail!

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