The First-Ever Teleclass Game Show Was a Hit!

I gave a teleclass this week and last where my listeners were contestants! The entire group had to fulfill a single task in just 3 minutes, with some basic raw materials. I told them what needed to be accomplished but that “how” they accomplished it would be all up to them.  I let them know that to “beat the clock” would require creativity, ingenuity, fearlessness, passion and dedica- tion. In a nutshell, it would require leadership and cooperation—the two key words of the “new paradigm” we, as a species, are moving into. I then told them that this task was going to teach on many levels. It would teach them about how to teach (the reason they were on the call in the first place); it would teach them about leadership—theirs and others; it would teach about their own fears, inhibitions, doubts and strengths. And it would teach them about the ability to enroll others in a vision. So, how did they do on this task? Class One, from Thurs. Feb 24, did not beat the clock, set at 3 minutes. They came in at 4:23. Yesterday’s class came in at 4:52. First, I congratulate ALL of them for being there in the first place. I didn’t record this and they knew they had to be there live, and they were. And I congratulate them for playing the game at all, with a bunch of strangers!!! So, woo-hoo to them!! But what was the hold-up with the time? The task required “leaders” to step forward at 3 different points. Their roles were very simple. Nothing confusing (I’d made sure to give them a chance to ask any necessary questions), but they had to step forward. And do something that could have been viewed as silly by the group. Group One leaders came forward rather readily; their breakdown had mostly to do with time-management. Group Two, however, was reticent to step into leader- ship roles. To encourage them, I reminded them, “How you do anything is how you do everything!” Because, as I had told them, this would teach on many levels, not the least being seeing how they react to the threat of looking foolish, or to the threat of being imperfect (!) –because how they react here is how they react every- where.  And I reminded them of the truth: that they are being called into leadership, as this world we live in rapidly changes. I reminded them that this is their calling. Yet still, Group Two (and to some extent, Group One, too) hung back. Now, I was teaching them Page 13 from my Secrets of Impact & Influence public speaking training. I call it the  “10-Don’t-Bother-Speaking-or-Teaching-Without- These” Factors of Deep and Rapid Learning (and this Beat-the-Clock game was implementing all 10, though they didn’t realize that until later.) But for me, what was taught most profoundly was the hesitancy around leadership. Group Two was in competition–and I could feel that there were several on the call quite into beating Group One’s time–and yet that wasn’t enough. Now, of course, eventually, all 3 leaders DID materialize.  And they did an amazing job of carrying the entire rest of the group forward. So, the leaders stepped up! But it took something for them to do it. And we didn’t have enough time on the call to review what it is they said to themselves to get them to speak up, but I’m going to ask them to come on over here and tell us their story. What got them to finally move into leadership? Have you ever been in a similar situation? Where your leadership was being called forth? How did you react? Did you wait to see if someone else would step forward first? Did you hear chatter in your head that had some- thing to do with fear of making a mistake or looking foolish? Or did you come barreling to the front of the proverbial (or not) room? Leadership is calling to all service entrepreneurs at this time. Inspired leadership, in particular. Are you ready? I’d love to hear some of your experiences! And leaders from the calls–let us know what finally got you to move onto center stage! Thank you to everyone who participated in the very first teleclass game show! It was a “hoot” and I learned so much! Hugs!
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