The First-Ever Teleclass Game Show Was a Hit!

I gave a teleclass this week and last where my listeners
were contestants! The entire group had to fulfill a single
task in just 3 minutes, with some basic raw materials.

I told them what needed to be accomplished but that
“how” they accomplished it would be all up to them.  I
let them know that to “beat the clock” would require
creativity, ingenuity, fearlessness, passion and dedica-
tion. In a nutshell, it would require leadership and
cooperation—the two key words of the “new paradigm”
we, as a species, are moving into.

I then told them that this task was going to teach on
many levels. It would teach them about how to teach
(the reason they were on the call in the first place); it
would teach them about leadership—theirs and others;
it would teach about their own fears, inhibitions, doubts
and strengths. And it would teach them about the ability
to enroll others in a vision.

So, how did they do on this task? Class One, from Thurs.
Feb 24, did not beat the clock, set at 3 minutes. They
came in at 4:23. Yesterday’s class came in at 4:52. First,
I congratulate ALL of them for being there in the first
place. I didn’t record this and they knew they had to be
there live, and they were. And I congratulate them for
playing the game at all, with a bunch of strangers!!! So,
woo-hoo to them!!

But what was the hold-up with the time? The task required
“leaders” to step forward at 3 different points. Their roles
were very simple. Nothing confusing (I’d made sure to
give them a chance to ask any necessary questions), but
they had to step forward. And do something that could
have been viewed as silly by the group.

Group One leaders came forward rather readily; their
breakdown had mostly to do with time-management.
Group Two, however, was reticent to step into leader-
ship roles. To encourage them, I reminded them, “How
you do anything is how you do everything!” Because,
as I had told them, this would teach on many levels,
not the least being seeing how they react to the threat
of looking foolish, or to the threat of being imperfect (!)
–because how they react here is how they react every-

And I reminded them of the truth: that they are being
called into leadership, as this world we live in rapidly
changes. I reminded them that this is their calling. Yet
still, Group Two (and to some extent, Group One, too)
hung back.

Now, I was teaching them Page 13 from my Secrets of
Impact & Influence
public speaking training. I call it
the  “10-Don’t-Bother-Speaking-or-Teaching-Without-
These” Factors of Deep and Rapid Learning (and this
Beat-the-Clock game was implementing all 10, though
they didn’t realize that until later.) But for me, what
was taught most profoundly was the hesitancy around
leadership. Group Two was in competition–and I could
feel that there were several on the call quite into beating
Group One’s time–and yet that wasn’t enough. Now,
of course, eventually, all 3 leaders DID materialize. 
And they did an amazing job of carrying the entire rest
of the group forward. So, the leaders stepped up! But
it took something for them to do it. And we didn’t have
enough time on the call to review what it is they said
to themselves to get them to speak up, but I’m going to
ask them to come on over here and tell us their story.
What got them to finally move into leadership?

Have you ever been in a similar situation? Where your
leadership was being called forth? How did you react?
Did you wait to see if someone else would step forward
first? Did you hear chatter in your head that had some-
thing to do with fear of making a mistake or looking
foolish? Or did you come barreling to the front of the
proverbial (or not) room?

Leadership is calling to all service entrepreneurs at this
time. Inspired leadership, in particular. Are you ready?

I’d love to hear some of your experiences! And leaders
from the calls–let us know what finally got you to move
onto center stage!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the very
first teleclass game show! It was a “hoot” and I learned
so much! Hugs!

A Different Kind of Public Speaking Seminar–For Visionary Entrepreneurs

Do you classify yourself as a “visionary entrepreneur”? Someone
with a big mission that must be fulfilled? There’s like no other
? Then I hope you’re giving presentations and seminars
—in particular, “live” presentations and seminars, though virtual
conferences are better than nothing.

Why do I say that? Because if you’ve got a mission, then others
have to hear of it—not just one or two people here and there—and
you have to be impeccable in your communication of it. As
we move into these very exciting, very accelerated,  often challenging
times, the ability to reach deeply inside of others and re-arrange them
—shift their paradigms and self-imposed boundaries, show them some-
thing they’ve never noticed before—requires that you have something
powerful within you, that you then express powerfully.

Self-expression is a requirement of the visionary entrepreneur—but
just as important (and perhaps more important)—is knowing what it
takes for your information and ideas to be received by others. Too
many presenters take this for granted. They think that “loving to speak”
and telling great stories and oozing charisma is all it takes.

But how many times have you been in the audience with someone who
had all of that; someone you actually liked—yet you couldn’t follow them,
didn’t understand how any of what they said applied to you, and you
walked out forgetting virtually everything they said?

If you are serious about your mission, you need to be serious about
your ability to communicate with impeccable effectiveness. And that
means being able to teach.

On June 11th and 12th, I am giving my seventh Secrets of Impact &
Live Public Speaking Event. You can read all the details
by clicking here. But I thought I’d take a moment to answer some
questions I’ve been getting about the course.

If you have big plans for yourself, I hope you’ll read on and then go
look at the webpage with all the details.

 Secrets of Impact & Influence Q & A

1)What’s different about your speaking seminar?

This training is unlike all others because it teaches you how to TEACH.
That in and of itself is the critical distinction. But it doesn’t end there. It
teaches you how to “teach to the brain.” This training is solidly based on
what the latest brain research tells us about learning and memory. That
information is “must-know” for anyone speaking to groups. I will go
so far as to say that if you don’t know this, you are being irresponsible
with your audiences.

After this training, you will be better than 95% of trained teachers out
there for SURE and absolutely better than 99% of presenters. If “being
the best” is your thing, this is right for you. You can learn all the platform
skills you want; or how to make money from speaking–but if you’re not
hands-down a killer-powerful communicator…those skills won’t get you
a hill of beans.

2) Do I have to be experienced to attend? (I.E. comfortable with speaking?)

This course—because it teaches a clear, simple “system” that you will use
forever—makes it the perfect course for those who fear speaking or are
inexperienced. You can just call on the sequences I teach you and always
feel and be in control.

 3. Should I be INexperienced, then?

 I love this question. I get to smile knowingly and say, “No. You need to
be here more than anyone else.” Why? Because you haven’t studied the
brain most likely—and you aren’t incorporating all the strategies that must
be in place to get the brain’s attention, keep it, and have it remember your
material. In addition, you are most likely still mimicking the 4 cultural
influences from the middle ages (literally!) that make presenters ineffective.
(You can listen to my 90-minute teleclass that reveals what these 4 influences
are here:

4. Do I need to have a presentation prepared to make this worth-while?

No. Come as you are.

 5. How does this “bring a colleague free” gift work?

Well, it goes away on Friday. After that, the tuition—which is already
slashed for this event—will remain the same for one week, then start to
go up sharply. But for this week, you can bring someone with you, which
could, ostensibly, cut the cost for you. They need to be someone who gives
(or plans to give) presentations or seminars, however. And if you can’t find
someone, don’t back yourself out of this. You can do this! It’s so important
that you do. No need to slip into lack consciousness…

To reserve seats for you and your colleague now, just go here:

 6) It’s really a stretch for me to go to this. What am I really
 going to get for all my travel expenses plus tuition?

 You’re walking out with THE template required to being better than 95%
of trained teachers and 99% of presenters. You’re going to learn the template
ONCE and use it 1,000 times. Which means–if you use it correctly–you are
going to have the keys to being consistently pitch-perfect for the rest of your
life. Getting powerful results from your audiences for life. Is having this power
in your hands forever worth a one-time cost–whatever it may be? If you’re
serious about being successful, and serious about your message, and you have
HIGH STANDARDS…I believe so, or I’d never bother giving this training.

7.) What’s a success story?

Actually, I just received this email from a participant who came nearly two
years ago:

“I’ve been doing quite a bit of presenting – and doing marvelously well at it.
You ask how much your course is worth. Each time I present I get a 5%
sign up rate for my private coaching (which used to be about 2%) and a
60% sign up for seminars (which used to be about 30%). My rates aren’t
cheap, particularly for group coaching, so this translates to a great deal of
money for me. So here is what you can say to your prospects: How much
would an increase of an extra 3% of sales for your high end and 30% of
your low end translate to in the course of a year…or your life? That’s what
your course is worth. Thanks, Lizabeth! –Luann Allen, Wealth Designer,

8. )Why do we go until 11pm the first night?

Because I want you to experience a DIFFERENT kind of learning. The
kind that comes from your spirit, not your brain. And that’s what Fun Night
is all about. Ask all the past participants: the 14 hours go by in a flash! You
won’t want to leave…

9.) And what’s this webinar we get for free?

It’s called “Teaching to the Brain” and I’m giving it publicly THIS
WEDNESDAY night at 7pm
. All participants of SII attend free. It gives
the science of learning and memory–told layperson to layperson! I am not
a neuroscientist, but I do know a lot, and it will benefit you greatly to zoom
into the brain and see what it is you want to achieve as a presenter who’s
better than 99% of other presenters! You can read about that course here:

10.) And where is it?

In lovely New Jersey. (It really is lovely here, especially in June!) At the
Marriott in ParkRidge, NJ. The hotel is very nice–pool, bar…all those
necessities. 🙂 It’s Friday June 11 and 12th 9am-11PM Friday;
9am – 5pm Saturday. Fly in to EWR and take a shuttle to the hotel.

I think that covers most of the questions I’ve been getting. And remember,
the bring-a-colleague-free special ends this Friday, May 21.

So…visionary entrepreneur, I hope you won’t jump from here to anything
.  Go read and *watch* more about the event and see how you feel at

I would never waste your time (or mine) giving a seminar I didn’t KNOW would
change your business (and life) forever. That’s my mission, after all–to make sure
those with big missions, fulfill them!

Are Your Presentations Moving with the Times?

For the next few weeks, I’m focusing my posts on public speaking
because it’s key to changing the world. Today, I want to send you
over to an eye-opening video on YouTube that has, on the surface,
nothing to do with speaking–and yet nothing we do in any part of
our lives is exempt from the message contained in this video. 

The video tell us “We are living in exponential times“–and it
then proceeds to make its point: in 2006, there were 2.7 billion
Google searchs. Two years later, there were 31 billion!! Did you
read that right? In 1984 there were 1,000 internet devices. In
’92, there were 1 million. In ’08–1 trillion. Exponential times.

A company in Japan is testing a fiber optic cable that can send 
14 trillion bits of information per second down a single strand
of fiber…this is equal to 210 millon phone calls per second.

Ever heard for an exabyte? It’s (4 x10 ^19). Equal to 1 billion
It looks like this: 1,000,000,000,000,000,000. The
video estimated that in ’08, 4 exabytes of unique information
would be generated. More than in the previous 5,000 years.

We are living in exponential times. The world is humming at 
frequencies never known before. Obsolescence is occuring some-
where every second. With this mind-boggling upsurge in speed,
our brains are being rewired; we are thinking differently and 
learning differently. The brain is plastic; it changes and grows
and the way we integrated information twenty years ago in
high school doesn’t apply. And it doesn’t apply for those we’re
teaching and coaching.

Are your current attempts at knowledge-transfer (ie. your pre-
sentations) humming as fast as the rest of the world? Are they
provocative enough to capture the attention of minds fractured
by constant stumuli? Are they as new as the latest App? Are
the ideas you’re presenting “escaping the wannabees” and gener-
ating exponential growth?

Maybe those are high standards for a single presentation. But
I’m not one to wrap myself up in cozy excuses and I bet you
aren’t either.  I believe if we are worth our salt as leaders and as
conveyors of information, we must measure the quality of our
content against the pace of the world–and that of course, begins 
with the big-picture question, Is my business keeping up with
the breath-stealing acceleration of the times we’re in? If not,
what must I do? If so, how do I ensure my presentations do the

I teach a “new paradigm”
of audience leadership–
but this video got me
asking the question,
How can it be even
? How can I speed
up what I’m teaching to
meet the frequency of the
world’s vibration?

I’m giving a free 90-minute teleclass on the “old paradigm” of
public speaking, and its replacement: the new paradigm based on
the latest brain research. I’m sending you away to watch the
YouTube video–but before you go, I invite you to sign up for the
teleclass on April 7th. It’s provocative and will shift how you think
about speaking in public You can read all about it here.

Then go check out the video I’ve talked about today, Did You Know?

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