What Every Entrepreneur MUST Have In Common With a Prosecuting Attorney

Ready for this? Your business sales are directly proportionate to your ability to stand before the judge and win your case.

Yes, you’re here to effect change in the world. To do good. Be an inspired leader. But in addition, you must be as sharp as a prosecuting attorney if you’re going to make money helping the world with your business–any money.

Sans all sleazy and unethical tactics. In fact, the opposite of slimy verbal gymnastics will win your case: irrefutable truth is the secret. But I’m jumping ahead of myself–and don’t assume you know what I’m about to say. Read on. I promise this will twist your circuits and get you thinking…

So, what does the prosecution in a case do? He puts forth an argument and then sets about proving it beyond a reasonable doubt. If he wins, it’s because the jurors or judge couldn’t come back with a, “Yeah, but –”. The proof was irrefutably true…or, at least, presented no holes.

I want you to realize why you may not be making enough money. Because you’re not presenting a solid case.

I’m willing to bet my life that 1. you don’t have a carefully considered and clearly articulated argument for your market on what they must do (hence your confusion, round-and-round thinking, lack of spark in your business); and 2. I’m willing to lay down my life that you haven’t considered or articulated iron-clad proof of your argument.

Am I warm?

If you fail to present your case, you lose. If your market doesn’t buy (believe) what you’re saying, they won’t buy it. You must present a truth they can’t deny.

So, let’s look at point 1: What is your contention for what your market must do? Spin on their toes for 5 minutes every day? Drink spring water from the Himalyas? Clear their mental blocks to success?

(You need an argument/contention for your entire business AND for every program and product you put out there. Your brand should have one salient contention; the single “to-do” that you are fired up with conviction about. And your smaller program/product contentions should step in line with that.)

Now, the more hackneyed your service (insurance; fitness; weight loss; life coaching; accounting; financial planning; yoga; etc.) the more immune we are to your argument because we’ve heard it already and have already made a decision about whether or not it’s true that we should do that—and, often, the more skeptical we are that your position has any merit. So, you have to work all the harder to articulate a provocative contention that catches attention.

For point #2: presenting the case–stating proof to expunge reasonable doubt. I’m a task-master with this and my clients have to go to the drawing board several times until they have satisfied this criteria. Not one of them has an easy go of it because it’s challenging to remove the holes a prospective client could poke in their argument. They get frustrated in that challenge, but I tell you, it turns their business from questionable to viable—and THAT is the difference between having to quit and Easy Street.

Heads up: The more esoteric, abstract and fringe your service (energy healing; dream analysis; past-life regression; medical intuitive healing; group sex therapy; Akashic Record clearing; even raw-food dieting) the harder it’s going to be to make a sale–because the harder it is to build a case that overcomes resistance or that has hard-core evidence that takes them beyond a reasonable doubt. So your job is to dig really hard and really deep to find the kind of evidence that will make your case.

Whatever your business, whatever stage your business is in–it is essential that you give this top priority.

This is selling we’re talking about. So, step one is to ask yourself, “What does my market have to do?” Don’t take yourself out of this by insisting that you don’t believe in telling your clients what to do!! That’s a really, really weak argument! You will only be successful in business to the degree that you have ironclad conviction about the very, very best solution for your folks. Without it, you will never stand apart, you will never sell well, you will not have a sustainable business—and you will lose your way in restlessness, uncertainty, self-doubt and confusion. Know what they must do and be a stand for it!

After you have your contention—put the word “because” after it…and start explaining why it’s true, in bullet-points.

Then look at each and ask yourself, “Could someone poke a hole in this?” If so, go at it until you have at least three or four solid proof-statements your market would buy. Then get out there and share it so they buy!

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